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A Sharper Life

In a wellness world where you’re overloaded with contradicting messages, Nikki Sharp likes to take a different approach, one that will accelerate your personal transformation — mind, body and soul. 

A Sharper Life is a sassy, results-driven podcast that combines psychology, spirituality, and real-life stories with health advice that will help you overcome any obstacles holding you back. 

Join Nikki as she takes on the role of the best friend you never had and the guide you always wanted, so you too can experience the radical change and transformation she has facilitated for thousands of people across the globe.


Full-Body Orgasms & Energetic Love-Making with Bibi Brzozka
Show Details1hr 10min
Break Free From Your Toxic Self
Show Details37min 52s
The Power of Polarity: Masculine/Feminine Energy
Show Details35min 25s
5 Things I Wish Were Taught About Health, That Aren't
Show Details25min 24s
Spiritual Onion + Soul Steps: Suffering is a Choice
Show Details33min 16s
Cancel Culture: Why Are You So Triggered?
Show Details34min 8s
Ketamine: My First Psychedelic Experience
Show Details35min 37s
No One Has Their Sh*t Together
Show Details19min 18s
A Sharper Life - The Trailer
Show Details2min 6s