A Series Conversation with Sewa

Weekly series recommendations and reviews of the best and worst tv show out there.

Join me as is discuss the suspense we all feel, to the annoying characters, plot twists, and cliffhangers that leave you on the edge of your seats


Behind The Podcast
Show Details42min 50s
The Bold Type
Show Details43min 16s
Blue Therapy: Chioma & Paul
Show Details55min 23s
Show Details14min 48s
Ginny and Georgia
Show Details26min 50s
A filler conversation: Self Reflection
Show Details35min 47s
Show Details10min 52s
Behind Her Eyes with Sewa
Show Details31min 29s
An INSECURE conversation, with Joy
Show Details1hr 9min
Emily In Paris
Show Details10min 29s
Grand Army
Show Details50min 38s
Cancelled: The Society
Show Details13min 33s
Show Details11min 22s
Why Women Kill
Show Details27min 13s
Dead to Me
Show Details17min 23s
A Throwback Episode: Pretty Little Liars
Show Details26min 41s
The Boys
Show Details25min 3s
The Order
Show Details8min 14s
A Throwback Episode: Greys Anatomy
Show Details43min 8s
Show Details9min 59s
Show Details22min 31s
The Umbrella Academy Part 2
Show Details8min 53s
Never Have I Ever... with Mel
Show Details17min
The Umbrella Academy
Show Details10min 12s
Killing Eve
Show Details6min 24s
A Filler Conversation
Show Details15min 2s
Little Fires Everywhere
Show Details5min 2s
Welcome to A Series Conversation.
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