A Podcast of One's Own

Edinburgh Napier's Feminist Society presents A Podcast of One's Own. Bi-weekly we bring the Feminist topics that have been on our minds.


Disability and Feminism
Show Details40min 20s
Gender and poverty
Show Details30min 25s
Virginity as a social construct
Show Details35min 15s
The Health Gap: Gender Bias in Medicine
Show Details33min 30s
Body Autonomy - My Body, my Choice?
Show Details36min 5s
The Capitalist Drive behind the Patriarchy
Show Details36min
Self-love and Self-care
Show Details39min 55s
Men's Rights Activism
Show Details34min 15s
Feminism and Art
Show Details25min
Classic Role Models
Show Details22min
How to support the Feminist Movement
Show Details44min 5s
#MeToo - Impact, Backlash and Future
Show Details37min 30s
Feminism(s) and the Feminist Sex Wars
Show Details34min 25s
Intro to Feminism
Show Details41min 10s