An Episode Within An Episode: New Qcast/New Episode

Season 2 | Episode 8
1h 4m | Jun 5, 2020

We want to apologize for making all 7 of you wait for a new episode, and to make up for the wait we put a lil STANK on this one for your troubles. The first part of this podcast has Miles Amadeus Prower discussing cyber-bullying and the evolution of how we handle bullying as a culture, how he's handling the current pandemic and talks about what he finds funny about Pokemon Facebook groups. The ass end features Dr Drea Conners and covers retro gaming blerd problems, having siblings vs being the only child, Introvert's Vacation 2020, Maps' Sonic movie pitch using Dragon Quest: Your Story as an example, more Pokemon talk and a review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Run on sentence much?

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