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A Material Point of View

In this podcast, Vinnie will talk about Materials Science, Materials Engineering focused on Metallurgy, Materials micro/nano properties and features which lead to the macro-ones. He is a Materials Engineer Graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) - Brazil. He is currently a master's student at UFScar.

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#Ep67. Gold Jewelry
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#Ep66. Thermodynamic Calculations
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#Ep65. I am "Qualified"!
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#Ep64. Experiment 1 - Welding Aluminum Foils part 2
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#Ep63. Stainless Steels, Ferritic Series
Show Details11min 27s
#Ep62. Electrochemistry and Hydrogen
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#Ep61. Scanning Electron Microscopy
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#Ep60. The different meanings of the word Phase
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#Ep59. My car has an engineering problem
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#Ep58. Could the sword Anduril be reforged like in the movie?
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#Ep57. Experiment 1 - Welding Aluminum Foils
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#Ep56. What if copper didn't exist?
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#Ep55. I'll do some experiments at home!
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#Ep54. How many times can a metal be recycled?
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#Ep53. 2022 has arrived, let's do it!
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#Ep52. The Last Episode of 2021
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#Ep51. The use of Hydrogen
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#Ep50. Why are aircraft windows not square?
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#Ep49. I have finished the expirements!
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#Ep48. What if aluminium did not exist?
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#Ep47. Rietveld Refinement
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#Ep46. Quick Message
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#Ep45. High Entropy Alloys
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#Ep44. In the Lab
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#Ep43. Learnings of the Journey
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#Ep42. Neutron Radiation
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#Ep41. Additive Manufacturing - BMW Production Line Review
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#Ep40. Synchrotron Radiation
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#We did it, we are in 50 Countries!
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#Ep39. Thermal Spray
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#Ep38. Crystalography and Difraction
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#Ep37. Metal Spray Deposition
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#Ep36. Hydrogen and the PCI Measurements
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#Ep35. Metal Atomization and Mechanical Milling of Metals
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#Ep34. Measurement of Hydrogen Kinetics
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#Ep33. Investment Casting Process
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#Ep32. Hydrogen storage, an introduction
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#Ep31. I'm back in the Lab!
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#Ep30. Did you know that aircraft turbine blades are single crystals?
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#Ep29. What does creep mean from a material point of view?
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#1000 Downloads Mark
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#Ep28. What if we travel 1000 years in the past?
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#Ep27. Metals Transformation Processes part IV
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#Ep26. Metals Transformation Processes part III
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#Ep25. Metals Transformation Processes part II
Show Details10min 34s
#Ep24. Metals Transformation Processes part I
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#Ep23. Stainless steel, an introduction
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#Ep22. Why do metal stuff oxidize and can shatter?
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#Ep21. Why are some metals not attracted to magnets components and others are?
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#Ep 20. Do you know how drum cymbals are made?
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#Ep19. Why do metals break down after a fatigue process?
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#Ep18. What is and what can be understood from a stress strain-curve? Part 2
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#Ep17. What is and what can be understood from a stress strain-curve? Part 1
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#Ep16. Why can steel break right after quenching treatment?
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#Ep15. Why did the Titanic sink? Part 2
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#Ep14. Why did the Titanic sink? Part 1
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#Ep13. What is the ductile-to-brittle transition?
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#Ep12. How does metal stuff get deformed?
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#Ep11. How do we know the material phases?
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#Ep10. What do shiny silver cards have in common with metallic grains?
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#Ep9. Why do we need to constantly sharpen knives?
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#Ep8. How can metallurgy explain the crystallization of a soap bubble?
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#Ep7. What is a phase diagram and how to interpret it
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#Ep6. Material Concepts_3.0 Materials Processing and Applications
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#Ep5. Material Concepts_2.3 Structure
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#Ep4. Material Concepts_2.2 Structure
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#Ep3. Material Concepts_2.1 Structure
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#Ep2. Material Concepts
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#Ep1. What is Materials Engineering?
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#Ep0. Introducing Myself
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