A Kenyan-American in the US

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S3 E8 - Eritrean American recounts experiences in a war-torn country / Journey to a self-made engineer in US
Show Details1hr 8min
S3 E7 - Surviving an African coup? Was it like the capitol building protest?
Show Details34min 49s
S3 E6 - Why camping in USA is too much for a Kenyan jungle girl 👧🏾
Show Details22min 31s
S3 E5 - CULTURE SHOCK in USA 🇺🇸- Foreigner Perspectives
Show Details12min 23s
S3 E4 - Halloween Edition - What Kenyan Tribe Are You? Part 2
Show Details26min 55s
S3 E3 - What Kenyan Tribe Would You Belong To? Part 1
Show Details24min 8s
S3 E2 - Q&A: What was your PhD Research Topic
Show Details21min 56s
S3 E1 - 8th 🇰🇪 🇺🇸 Kenyan - American Anniversary Journal: The Crazy 😜 World of Cat🐱 🐈
Show Details14min 51s
S2 E10 - Grant funding tips for small businesses
Show Details20min 51s
S2 E9 - Questions we never thought we would have to answer
Show Details26min 35s
S2 E8 - Babies do NOT have to break the bank!
Show Details43min 13s
S2 E7 - Q & A with Steve on diverse Perspectives on Aging in Kenya vs the US
Show Details41min 18s
S2 E6 - Spilling the Tea: What to Consider When Choosing a PhD Program
Show Details41min 25s
S2 E5 - Meditation with Lizzie Brayton- Slow Down and Breathe
Show Details8min 54s
S2 E4 - Podcast Guest - Lizzie Brayton Founder of Living Your Best Vibe
Show Details1hr 10min
S2 E3 - Listener Question - Feeling Professionally Lost in a New Country
Show Details20min 17s
S2 E2 - Steve went there with difficult surprise questions for Grace
Show Details34min 38s
S2 E1 - Answering Listener Questions About Diversifying Skills and Income
Show Details21min 28s
S1 E10 - Surprising Steve With Questions
Show Details38min 29s
S1 E9 - Holidays Cross-cultural Exploration
Show Details35min 30s
S1 E8 - Evolving as a foreign citizen from diverse cultures
Show Details31min 16s
S1 E7 - Convergence of Culture, Work and Parenting in a Pandemic
Show Details36min 21s
S1 E6 - Pandemic Effects | Job Loss Next Steps
Show Details17min 43s
S1 E5 - Money Values | Recessions | Culture
Show Details36min 46s
S1 E4 - Body Image, Sports, and Kids
Show Details30min 55s
S1 E3 - Body Image and Ethnic Creation Stories
Show Details28min 47s
S1 E2 - Experiences of being a foreigner in the usa and elsewhere
Show Details35min 54s
S1 E1 - Funny cultural perspectives of bedtime stories and kid songs
Show Details35min 51s