A Humanistic Perspective

About AHPP:

An intellectual/lifestyle podcast from Young entrepreneurs & brothers born into GEN-Z. AHP Podcast aims to generate value by creating a platform to think smarter, not harder, about life, business, and EVERYTHING in between. Join us for unique conversations, analysis, and interviews with individuals. 

About Castilla Brothers:

Raised in Yorkville, IL, the Castilla brother's journey is just beginning. Now reunited from one's return from college, the two have set out to grow the established family businesses with rich entrepreneurial roots in our local community. Join us as we share insight from our businesses and personal lives at 21 & 17.


A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 7 Crushing It! From our Lives to Yours
Show Details56min 11s
A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 6 A Mother, An Owner, A Real Estate Agent
Show Details2hr 20min
A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 5 New Administrations & Mindsets
Show Details48min 22s
A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 4 Agriculture, Musk, & Wisdom
Show Details40min 8s
A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 3 How You Doin' ft. Mario Palaggi
Show Details2hr 45min
A Humanistic Perspective Ep. 2 The Devastating State of Collegiate Systems
Show Details1hr 24min
#1 Modern Medicine the Future of Mental Health
Show Details59min 54s