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A Hot Mess Writer's Life

Where Indie authors can find tips, tricks, and answers to all their questions about writing and self-publishing.


Snubbed by publishers, the Joys of Indie Publishing, and Changes in the Air
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10 Second Elevator Pitch
Show Details13min 49s
Wide vs Kindle Select - Which is best for you?
Show Details11min 51s
Bryan Cohen - Podcaster, Author Ad Guru, and Funny Man!
Show Details39min 15s
Authors Need Diamond Coated Rhino Skin!
Show Details8min 57s
Focusing Your Time on Social Media
Show Details22min 57s
A Blank Page is a Blessing
Show Details18min 37s
Tying Self Worth to Productivity and Avoiding Burnout!
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Turn Your Writing into a Business
Show Details19min 36s
How to Support an Author & Charging Your Worth
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Change is in the Wind!
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A fun interview with interracial romance author, Dahlia Rose.
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Ask the Editor
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Interview with Dr. Dawn Menge
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This week's podcast has been rescheduled due to a stupid head cold...
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Writing, Passions, and Spina Bifida with Edward Hancock II
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First Ever Interview with the Incomparable Genevieve Scholl!
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I'm Back! Time for tips on making time to write!
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How Do I Write a Book?
Show Details23min 10s
How to Find Story Ideas
Show Details18min 28s
How to FAIL as an Indie Author
Show Details20min 26s
It's Time to Write That Book!
Show Details12min 28s
Is Self Publishing Right For You?
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10 Myths About Writing
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