A Grafting Story

Welcome to A Grafting Story: A retelling of God's adopted family, and a new-telling of ours. 



Join Nicole Ashley Fletcher as she introduces the first season of theological conversations, horticultural images, & God's heart for belonging.


Chapter 11: Parenting (Re)purposed
Show Details28min 41s
Chapter 10: Allan & Joanna
Show Details51min 48s
Chapter 9: Be Fruitful & Multiply
Show Details15min 23s
Chapter 8: Sharon
Show Details1hr 12min
Chapter 7: The Spirit of Sonship
Show Details31min 3s
Chapter 6: Kassey & Anya
Show Details47min 30s
Chapter 5: Bloodlines & Bloodlies
Show Details27min 30s
Chapter 4: Amy & Irek
Show Details1hr 20min
Chapter 3: (Super)Natural Selection
Show Details38min 1s
Chapter 2: Timo & Siobhan
Show Details1hr 9min
Chapter 1: Horticultural Theology
Show Details39min 52s
Prologue: The Heart Beneath the Soil
Show Details26min 31s