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A Fans Perspective.

So this Podcast will be a collaboration between me and 2 other gentlemen whom share a passion for things such as sports and pop culture. We would love to have you check us out and give us a listen. New episodes will start in January and this will be an entirely revamped show for my current listeners, I hope you enjoy! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/william93/support


a fans perspective episode 1
Show Details28min 30s
An Inconceivable top 10 movie list. Featuring MR. Michael Broadus
Show Details56min 30s
NFL talk with Josh Gray
Show Details43min 44s
A talk about the new Direction of a Fans Perspective!
Show Details6min 12s
Welcome back
Show Details21min 50s
Just fun talk
Show Details44min 16s
Exciting news about where this podcast is heading
Show Details4min 29s
NFC and AFC championships and NFL awards.
Show Details33min 40s
Let’s talk National Championship
Show Details38min 6s
William Jones and Joshua Gray talk College Football Playoffs
Show Details27min 9s
Sports talk featuring Joshua Gray
Show Details35min 40s
Youth sports and the community.
Show Details48min 43s
Rookie QB’s through week 10
Show Details15min 56s