8 Bit Suplex

Weekly podcast on the Social Suplex Network covering Impact Wrestling and all your favorite gaming topics! Hosted by Josh McLaughlin and Sandy Gaviria


8-Bit Review - Resident Evil Village W/ Jaime Spector
Show Details1hr 14min
EP 26 – The Bread Man Cometh Ft Jeremy Donovan
Show Details48min 31s
EP 25 – Under Siege Preview
Show Details44min 10s
EP 24 – Take Me Out To The Impact Zone W/ Floyd Johnson Jr.
Show Details1hr 11min
EP 23 – The Man With All the Belts & Mortal Kombat W/ Rich Latta
Show Details1hr 4min
EP 22 – Rebellion Preview
Show Details50min 42s
EP 21 – 2001: A Video Game Odyssey
Show Details1hr 17min
Bonus Round – With Special Guest Rohit Raju
Show Details1hr 17min
EP20 - Hard to Kill, the Aftermath and Games to Look Forward to
Show Details2hr 2min
EP19 – We’re baaaaaaaaaack, Happy New Year!
Show Details1hr 30min
EP18 – Bullet Club is Hard to Kill
Show Details1hr 38min
EP17 – Kenny Omega Makes an Impact!
Show Details1hr 58min
EP16 – Don Callis You Crazy Son of a.. Ft. Logan Cruz
Show Details1hr 44min
EP15 – Turkey Day Thankfulness
Show Details1hr 24min
EP14 – AEW Games and Impact Turning Point Preview W/ Floyd Johnson Jr.
Show Details1hr 43min
EP13 - Animal Crossing
Show Details1hr 40min
EP12 – Games So Bad They’re Scary W/ Layne Farmen and an Impact Wedding W/ Dan Coffin
Show Details2hr 41min
EP11 – Bound For Glory Preview and the News in Gaming
Show Details2hr 20min
EP10 – Resident Evil
Show Details1hr 40min
EP9 – Victory Road Review/Impact 10-6 Review
Show Details2hr 1min
EP8 – Happy Birthday Mario!
Show Details1hr 47min
EP7 – Batdads Featuring Dan Coffin
Show Details2hr 50min
EP6 – Fire Pro Wrestling Featuring Rich Latta
Show Details1hr 48min
EP5 - Impact Wrestling 9/8 and This Week in Gaming
Show Details2hr 7min
EP4 - This Week in Impact and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Show Details2hr 2min
EP3 - Impact Wrestling Emergence Night 2 and Point and Click Adventure Games
Show Details2hr 11min
EP2 - Impact Wrestling Emergence Night 1 and The Legend of Zelda
Show Details1hr 53min
World 1-1 ft Jeremy Donovan
Show Details2hr 26min