Hashish, Hawaii & The Hippie Mafia (Episode 8)

2h 6m | Dec 10, 2020
Hashish, Hawaii & The Hippie Mafia - Featuring Founding Member Of The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love Travis Ashbrook (Episode 8).  In this epic, double-sized episode of Cannthropology, host Bobby Black speaks with quite possibly the most notorious hash smuggler in US history, one of the founding members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Travis Ashbrook. Ashbrook opens up about the Brotherhood’s origins and history, his lifetime of smuggling weed and hash, his friendship with famed acid guru Timothy Leary and how the Brotherhood helped break him out of prison, getting high with Jimi Hendrix in Hawaii, creating the mythical Maui Wowie strain, and his decades of living on the run and in prison. 

Notoriously nicknamed “The Hippie Mafia,” The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was the world’s largest producer and distributors of LSD, as well as the biggest smugglers of hashish & marijuana during the 1960s and early 1970s. Founded in Laguna Beach, California in 1966, the Brotherhood’s mission was to “turn on” the world to psychedelics, and to finance that dream they smuggled tons and tons of hashish into the US from Afghanistan before eventually being brought down by the Feds in 1973. Their incredible misadventures are chronicled in a 2010 book and 2016 documentary film, both entitled Orange Sunshine after the type of acid that made them famous. The surviving members of the original Brotherhood have inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2011.