Legalizing The Last Frontier With Bailey Stuart (Episode 17)

54m | Dec 2, 2021
LEGALIZING THE LAST FRONTIER - featuring COO of Wasilla’s Green Jar Dispensary Bailey Stuart (Episode 17). In this special installment of Cannthropology recorded live in November 2021 at the Alaska Leaf Bowl event in Anchorage, host Bobby Black delves into the history of cannabis in Alaska with the COO of Wasilla’s Green Jar dispensary Bailey Stuart. The topics discussed include: how Alaska became the second state to decriminalize cannabis, how the grandfather of Alaskan legalization Irwin Ravin got the state’s Supreme Court to establish a constitutional right to privacy regarding marijuana, the evolution of the state’s cannabis laws, the origins of the state’s legendary Matanuska Thunderfuck strain, and the infamous on-air resignation of Alaskan TV news anchor turned cannabis activist/entrepreneur Charlo Greene.