Salted Coffee

Yet another podcast from Tokyo, Japan where we interview cool people and talk about random stuff we find on the internet.


EP.9 Tokyo Date, Hot Cosplay, Matrix. Tom Cruise, Superman and Louis | The best podcast in Japan
Show Details2hr 16min
We have a bad case of Diarrhea while watching Key and Peele and Onlyfans | Salted Coffee EP8
Show Details1hr 46min
How to go to the movies in Japan during quarantine | Salted Coffee EP 7
Show Details1hr 50min
Can you brainwash a K-pop vegan | Salted coffee Ep 6
Show Details1hr 48min
Life in Japan 2021 | Salted Coffee EP5
Show Details1hr 43min
Try not to laugh and the Brown line | Salted coffee Ep 4
Show Details1hr 50min
Just Talkin with Sarah | EP 3 Salted Coffee
Show Details1hr 51min
Episode 2: Nerd Out with Guilty pleasure movies
Show Details42min 29s
Episode 1: Best ASMR rabbit holes
Show Details25min 22s