Surviving An Aneurysm Plus Knowing That God Didn't Put Me Here To Be Mediocre With Robin Robinson (BGSC Community Member)

58m | Oct 16, 2023

Hey Y'all!

So I'm trying something new for this episode. Several weeks ago I sat down and had a virtual conversation with someone directly from the BGSC community. I did this because just like it's important to hear from people that may be a bit more mainstream on the show it's also important to hear from women just like me and you directly from our community.

Robin is sort of a "Jill of all trades." She's done a ton in her life thus far including acting, writing, painting and even standup! Currently she's hosting her podcast: A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed as well as writing a book that details her first hand experience with surviving an aneurysm.

In this episode we talk about not only what it was like having an aneurysm but also:

If there were any warning signs

What she had to remind herself to get over being embarrassed by using a bedpan

What she feels her purpose in life is right now

What keeps her moving forward

Robin also shares her thoughts on God plus gives you some encouragement that will hopefully fill your spirit.

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