Katrina Jackson & Catherine Bobalek

Season 2 | Episode 7
30m | Jan 26, 2024

I talk with Katrina Jackson, director/writer/editor of AROMCOM, and Catherine Bobalek, the producer. In this episode, we talk about:

  • how they got involved in filmmaking and created the idea for AROMCOM;
  • creating a wholly original genre of films as well as a trope-free romantic comedy;
  • showing representation for aromantic and asexual individuals in film;
  • what people should expect to see when they turn on AROMCOM;
  • what the response if when they pitch their film;
  • how the script was written and they chose Seed & Spark for crowdfunding;
  • the lack of control associated with crowdfunding;
  • when you can see AROMCOM;
  • the amazing response for their casting call;
  • how the film ZUCCHINI references an important term in aromantic and asexual lives; (
  • the challenges and excitement of filming in the District of Columbia.

The story of AROMCOM is the story of bravery from two amazing filmmakers and giving people who don't normally see themselves in a romcom the ability to be seen.

Indie Film Highlight: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, dir. by Celine Sciamma (

Katrina's Indie Film Highlight: YOU & I, YOU & ME dir. by Gabriel Dunn (


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