Miles Levin

Season 2 | Episode 4
41m | Jan 16, 2024

I talk with Miles Levin, the director of the upcoming film, UNDER THE LIGHTS. The Cameron Boyce Foundation said that "we believe this movie will be the biggest moment for epilepsy awareness of all time." That's a powerful statement but it looks like their faith is well-placed.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • the tremendous feedback he's received about making such a personal film;
  • how film is the "intersection of all art forms";
  • what it means and why when he introduces himself as a "filmmaker with epilepsy";
  • the story behind UNDER THE LIGHTS;
  • the power of empathy to help all of us in our silent struggles;
  • short v. feature (you know I had to ask -- he created a short for the film that was released a few years ago);
  • how "make the film you know how to make" is trash advice;
  • how amazing AT&T Untold Stories in collaboration with the Tribeca Film Festival was for him;
  • getting a well-known cast for your feature film;
  • if directors can work without empathy;
  • the extremely ambitious crowdfunding goal and his plans to reach it...because people think about crowdfunding wrong;
  • the future expansion of the UNDER THE LIGHTS universe.

Miles Levin artfully distills his experience in filmmaking and crowdfunding into extraordinarily useful advice. I learned so much hearing his thoughts on such a varied group of topics, and I think you will, too.

Miles' Indie Film Highlight:

LITTLE WHITE LIES, crowdfunding now by Erin Brown Thomas (

THE PROCESS, crowdfunding now by Morgan Hamilton-Lee



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