Love Talk & Tarot

On this podcast I will be chatting with guest/callers about their love life issues. Sometimes I will provide a tarot reading to get to the root of the problem and give my honest no nonsense advice. The goal is to achieve a happier, more balance love life.

All statements are my personal theories based on what worked for myself and others. Understanding that relationships come in all shapes and sizes; there's no judgement on this show, just real talk. 

Have questions about your love life?

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Hope-fully Engaged
Show Details22min 28s
I Fck'd Up but I said SORRY.
Show Details16min 22s
Divorcing a Narcissist, Sex Addict
Show Details14min 6s
Friends & Hanky Panky
Show Details12min 55s
Ms. Cautiously Optimistic
Show Details10min 55s
Here are my MUST HAVES and I'm not settling!
Show Details17min 47s
Desperately Seeking Love
Show Details11min 47s
Love? Its Complicated
Show Details9min 52s
She Cheated with Your Best Friend?
Show Details10min 19s
Is She Just a Rebound?
Show Details6min 58s
Welcome to Cathy Talk - Love Talk Podcast
Show Details39s