Cathy Talk

Cathy Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to resolving real love-life issues. Each episode begins with a tarot reading to get to the root of the problem. As the cards are interpreted, the caller then reveals the juicy (and sometimes shocking) details of their situation.

Understanding that relationships come in all shapes and sizes; there's no judgement on this show, just real talk. 


UPDATE: Xavier - What happened with the crazy chick?
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Cathy Talk Compilation
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"Whats New" Podcast Hosts Chat with Cat
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Its not him... ITS YOU!
Show Details34min 28s
I'm a Good Man
Show Details24min 10s
Swipe LEFT
Show Details22min 2s
My husband has a 2nd family
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Hope-fully Engaged
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I Fck'd Up but I said SORRY.
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Divorcing a Narcissist, Sex Addict
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Friends & Hanky Panky
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Ms. Cautiously Optimistic
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Here are my MUST HAVES and I'm not settling!
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Desperately Seeking Love
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Love? Its Complicated
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She Cheated with Your Best Friend?
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Is She Just a Rebound?
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Welcome to Cathy Talk - Love Talk Podcast
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