Monsters Under Our Beds

12m | Mar 19, 2023

As young children, we all feared the monsters that lurked under our beds or in our closets. As we grow, many of us realize that those fears were irrational and hold no real threat. However, the concept of "monsters" under our beds can take on a more deeper meaning as we navigate through life. We develop fears that hold us back from pursuing our goals and living our lives to the fullest. These "monsters" can manifest in the form of fears of failure, rejection, or the unknown.

In the context of this episode "Monsters Under Our Beds" It is important to recognize that the myth of monsters under the bed can cause anxiety and fear in some individuals. When we are young, many of us are told stories of monsters hiding in dark corners or under our bed, waiting to jump out and scare us at night.

Although this is often meant as a way to encourage children to behave and sleep soundly, the idea of monsters lurking in the shadows can lead to feelings of fear and anxiety well into adulthood.

It is time for you to sit back, relax, and lend me your ears, open your mind, and consider the What If, as I spin you the tale.

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