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Career Up Now Socially Distanced Close Ups Podcast

Hear the stories and absorb the wisdom of top industry and community leaders.

Career Up Now’s mission is to build a community that empowers emerging professionals to advance in their careers while incorporating universal Jewish values into their lives, through innovative networking and education opportunities with industry and community leaders.


Melissa Blatt, Founder of Indipop
Show Details5min 39s
Julia Plevin, Climate Designer and Strategist
Show Details3min 11s
Dave Kerpen, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Global Keynote Speaker, Investor, Writer for
Show Details3min 49s
Michael (The Tech Rabbi) Cohen, International Speaker, Consultant, and Author on Creative Thinking and Innovative Practice
Show Details5min 5s
Matt Gottesman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Business Strategist, International Brand Architect & Consultant, Writer & Podcast Host.
Show Details7min 27s
David Gilford, Principal, Urban Technology, HR&A Advisors | Co-Founder, Broadband Equity Partnership
Show Details4min 9s
Josh Lewis, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Helps Businesses Grow and Develop their People
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Ari Nisman, President & CEO at Degy World LLC. & Degy Entertainment
Show Details5min 14s
Susan Sierota, Founder, CEO, Board Member at Waggit
Show Details8min 46s
Gil Baron, Media and Entertainment Consultant at Villainous Pictures
Show Details17min 7s
Brianna (Batya Leah) Greenspan, Brand Ambassador at Theramu
Show Details3min 38s
Ben Leavitt, Social Media Strategist
Show Details4min 37s
Amit Goldman, Director of Partnerships and Communities at OXYGEN
Show Details7min 37s
Mario Nawfal, Founder at AthenaGroup Capital
Show Details5min 29s
Reena Friedman Watts, Podcast Host at Better Call Daddy Show
Show Details6min 29s
Arjun Rai, CEO and Founder at HelloWoofy
Show Details4min 24s
Andrew Yang, Client Advisor at Casa Inc.
Show Details4min 17s
Liran Hirschkorn, CEO and Founder at Incrementum Digital
Show Details6min 25s
Cory "Corrales" Cachola, Principal at Voon Creative
Show Details3min 29s
Betty Gulko, Mindset and Confidence Consultant, and Content Creator
Show Details17min 24s
Braham Berg, Impact Developer and Design Strategist
Show Details7min 59s
Real Andrews, Actor at ABC Network
Show Details9min 18s
RJ Macalanda, Digital Nomad and Consultant
Show Details4min 52s
Ran Haimoff, Strategic Sales Programs at DocuSign
Show Details13min 18s
Isaac Rodgin, Business Development Manager at at
Show Details20min 48s
Brian Swichkow, Board Member at One Inc Cooperative
Show Details16min 21s
Benjamin Kisliuk, Commercial & Residential Realtor at Century 21 Desert Rock
Show Details5min 29s
Alexia Melocchi, Co-Owner at LITTLE STUDIO FILMS
Show Details5min 33s
Gali Levi, Chief Prosecutor at Ministry of Economy, Israel
Show Details14min 17s
Will Katz, Owner at Resurgent Arms, LLC
Show Details14min 5s
Stu Heinecke, Author at How to Get a Meeting with Anyone and Get the Meeting!
Show Details26min 31s
Stacy Kaplan, Manager, Commercial Analytics at JUUL Labs
Show Details17min 42s
Sophie Krakowski, Brand Partnerships & Marketing Coordinator at The Surf Lodge and Surf Lodge Sanctuary, on Montauk NY, and The Snow Lodge, in Aspen
Show Details4min 1s
Sofia Chancey, Co-Founder at Pangalo Group
Show Details19min
Sharon Strauss, Executive Coach at The Human Insight Group, Founder and CEO
Show Details24min 45s
Sharon Grossman, Owner and Founder at Coaching By Sharon
Show Details18min
Shahar Zeevi, Independent Contractor - Coach and a Mentor of Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers at iQuest Solution
Show Details14min 43s
Scott Steckel, Business Transformation Manager at Republic National Distributing Company
Show Details9min
Rotem Pearlson, Breastfeeding Counselor and Instructor at Nursing Mothers Cousel
Show Details10min 53s
Ron Ben-Zeev, Chief Executive Officer at World Housing Solution Inc
Show Details26min 2s
Riley Kuffner, Co-Founder and CTO at Miravel
Show Details11min 26s
Randall Shapiro, Co-Founder and CEO at Miravel
Show Details8min 33s
Oscar Adelman, Founder and CEO at Remi
Show Details18min 15s
Omer Bloch, Vice President at Atlas Digital
Show Details8min 50s
Nick Lippman, Partner at Lippman Entertainment
Show Details16min 15s
Nelly Miles, Director of Public Affairs at Ga Bureau Of Investigation
Show Details20min 45s
Mindy Berman, Owner at Mindy F. Berman Communications
Show Details25min 17s
Melissa Harari, Associate in Strategy Consulting Practice at EY-Parthenon
Show Details7min 54s
Marisa Simmons, Senior Managing Consultant at Beacon Hill Staffing Group
Show Details12min 46s
Lori Krolik, Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant at More Time For You
Show Details15min
Lisa Greer, Author at Philanthropy Revolution: An Insider's Guide to Fundraising in a New Era
Show Details35min 55s
Leora Gabay, Faculty at College of the Canyons
Show Details10min 56s
Leandro Margulis, Principal at LJM Ventures
Show Details6min 5s
Lakisha Brooks, CEO at Brooks Enterprise Consultants
Show Details12min 31s
Kristi Porter, Chief Do-Gooder at Signify
Show Details17min 17s
John Underkoffler, Principal at Treadle & Loam, Provisioners (LLC)
Show Details11min 1s
Jody Pollack, Senior Project Manager at PollWood Associates LLC
Show Details19min 52s
Jay Abraham, Owner at The Abraham Group
Show Details7min 24s
Jason Fishman, SVP Digital Strategy at Digital Niche Agency (DNA)
Show Details5min 56s
Jared Feuer, Chief Operating Officer at MovementForward, Inc
Show Details16min 36s
Janet Gallin, Founder at Love Letters Live
Show Details19min 59s
Gary Neville, Creative Brand Strategist & Employer Brand Professional at Neptune
Show Details8min 39s
Evan Burk, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Founder at Highest Level Recruiting
Show Details11min 46s
Esther Rosenfeld, Owner/Principal at Rosenfeld Family Law, P.C.
Show Details11min 48s
Esther Hess, PhD, Founder and Executive Director at Center for the Developing Mind
Show Details9min 47s
Elizabeth Rosner, Academic Life Coach for College and Career Success at Thriving in College with Dr. Roz
Show Details20min 57s
Dror Tamir, Co-Founder & CEO at Hargol
Show Details3min 52s
Dina Wolfman Baker, Head of Marketing and Communication at Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Show Details26min 25s
Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder at
Show Details4min 52s
David Guccione, Bay Area Brand Activation Manager at GT's Living Foods
Show Details31min 37s
David Garron, Principal at David Garron - Career Coach
Show Details12min 25s
David Chang, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor at (not associated by any particular company)
Show Details6min 50s
David Berkowitz, Consultant at Serial Marketers
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Episode title:Serial Marketers with David Berkowitz

Interviewer: Bradley Caro Cook

Interviewee: David Berkowitz


In this Career Up Now Socially Distanced Close-Up podcast, Bradley Caro Cook interviews David Berkowitz, the Consultant and Founder at Serial Marketers. He is also the Digital Marketing and Strategy Lead at Research Your Health plus the Advisor at Vestorly and


For David Berkowitz, entrepreneurship is more about creativity and less about the business aspect of it. He mentions that not everyone has a clear plan for their future; like him, some individuals learn firsthand and figure things out along the way. He advises entrepreneurs who are new to the field that learning from professionals is vital plus nowadays, there are so many ways to get in touch with experts, so there shouldn't be any reason to hold back.


Let's join David Berkowitz and our host Bradley Carp Cook for this riveting conversation.

5min 32s
Published Nov 6, 2020 at 1:00am
Connie Rose, Founder/Senior Executive Recruiter at Empire Insurance
Show Details11min 38s
Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and Partner at Assembly Ventures
Show Details5min 27s
Bret Rachlin, Chief Revenue Officer at KPItarget
Show Details10min 54s
Apu Gupta, CEO & Co-founder at Curalate
Show Details4min 26s
Ann Winblad, Co-Founder, Managing Director at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Show Details8min 24s
Anita Finkelstein, Senior Content Strategist at Atomic Wash
Show Details24min 9s
Alan D Harrison, College Administrative Officer (College of Design) at Georgia Institute of Technology
Show Details10min 36s
Adele Wang, CEO and President at Safe Haven Healing
Show Details19min 16s
Adam Probolsky, President at Probolsky Research
Show Details13min 32s