Cerebral Palsy And Fitness Podcast

David also allows others through his blog Cerebral Palsy and Fitness to share their stories of triumph and success (not just his own) to give others a platform to speak so that they too can spread positivity and have a voice in the disability community.聽


Sam and Ryan from Extreme Motus!
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Finding Love Through Music ft. Josh
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Running From The Label ft. Marshall Zackery
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Who Are My Heroes?
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AEW ALL OUT2021 Predictions
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Would I Ever Make a Comeback to Sports Competition?
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A huge Thank you for 100 episodes of the Cerebral Palsy and Fitness Podcast!
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From a Shy Girl to a Superhero on the Radio Waves ft. Ishani Gupta
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When Listening To Others Saves a Life ft Charity Hughes
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A Winning Move ft. Win Charles
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Defying Death and Overcoming Obstacles ft.Wendell
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Finding Your Authentic Self ft. Sheik
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Mindset Coaching ft. Jay Williams
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Why is my disability a gift?
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Major Announcement for October!
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Motivational Words From Professional wrestler Gregory Iron.
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My Journey As An Olympic Cyclist
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Phuong and Regan Talk Daily Living with Cerebral Palsy
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It's Disability Pride Month!!
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David Figueroa and Jordan Levin Collaboration on the All Good Things Start With You Podcast.
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What makes a leader?
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Unboxing the Galaxy Fit 2
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Full Review of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 and Samsung Galaxy Fit E
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Gregory Iron gave me a Birthday Shoutout!
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"The Handicapped Hero" Professional Wrestler Gregory Iron.
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Unboxing the Galaxy Fit E
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Embracing the Underdog Mentality
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Fitness and Physical Limitations
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Huge Announcement!!!
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Review:Sony Dualshock 4 Button Attachment and Updates on Future Podcasts.
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Love Has No Limitations: The Story of Phuong and Regan
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Review: Razer Siren X vs. Blue Tiki Mic
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Why is asking for help so important?
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What do I do on my downtime?
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How Do We Deal with Conflict and Crisis among Individuals in our Society? ft. Joyce
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Why Do I Serve with Americorps?
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Fitness and Labeling in Society ft. Jimmy Clare
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We Talk Wrestling, Fun Times, and Crazy $#%# ft. Mike, Nate, and Yours Truly, David.
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My Life Story of Living with CP.
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Wrestling with Adversity ft. Ed Couture
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Why you should never give up on a child with a disability.
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Made it to 150 subscribers!!!
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How Do You Approach Disability in Classroom?
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Bodyweight Excercises with Cerebral Palsy Pt. 3
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Success Is Not A Forchione!(Fortune) The story of Paul Forchione.
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Weightlifting with a Disability pt. 2
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Why is Failure So Important to become Successful?
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Weightloss and Disability Advocacy with Taylor Ragano
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Resistance Bands Workout with Disabilities Pt.1
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Overcoming the Odds and Finding your True Passion. ft. Chris Allen
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Conversation with Win Charles
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Stomping On CP! with Tylia Flores.
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Life with Necrotizing Fasciitis ft. Chris DT Gordon
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My 2020 Recap and New Years Resolution.
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Listen to this if you struggle with your disability or everyday life.
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How to get a better upper body or abs. CP Edition.
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David Talks: Gym Accessibility for those with Disabilities.
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David Talks about Diet and Cerebral Palsy
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David Talks: How do I make a difference?
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David Talks about Disabilities, Self Esteem, and Health
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What's Your Excuse?? ft. Will Ramirez
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Recap of all my surgeries throughout my lifetime.
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My Training Regimen, why was I called Ironman in my younger years, and my longevity.
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How I became a fan of Wrestling and the difference in product.
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My Appearance on the W.A.V.E.S. Podcast.
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David Recounts His Sports Career
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How the Americans With Disabilities Act has helped many individuals.
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David's Motivational Words.
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Why I chose to pursue Sociology and Education.
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Could Cryotherapy help those with disabilities?
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Disabilities and Bullying
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Is it good to push your child physically when they have Cerebral Palsy? (Fan Request)
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Gyms and Accessibility
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David's Time as an Olympic Athlete with Cerebral Palsy.
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Herbal Teas Review
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29th Birthday Message.馃挭馃挭
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David's Favorite Cheat Meals.
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My Thoughts On Preworkouts.
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Current Updates!
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A Life Of Courage: Interview With Chi Anana
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A Thank you to those who keep on keeping us safe. (COVID19)
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Indoor Workouts: Tips& Tricks
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David Talks about Loving Oneself.
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Rehabbing injuries(Cerebral Palsy Edition)
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Clutchit! Magnetic Gym Mount Review!
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DeathWish Coffee Review: Is it worth it?
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I Got Approved For The UZURV Transportation Service!
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David's Top 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself.
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How do I get around with Cerebral Palsy.
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How to Approach someone with a Disability out in Public.
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Cerebral Palsy and Weightlifting
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How to Start Your Own Fitness Journey.
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Local Gyms vs. Home Gyms
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Reviewing 2019!
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Discussing workout routines with Cerebral Palsy.
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David's Top 3 Gym Headphones.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Cerebral Palsy.
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Theme Parks and Accessibility
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Life as a mom with Cerebral Palsy ft. Charity Moore
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Life, Friendship, and Disability ft. Alex Turpin.
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What's it like being Visually Impaired? ft. Kevin Brathwaite
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Dealing with Staring in Public. (Disability Edition)
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Thoughts on Disability ft. Nate Horton
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Showing Compassion in our Society.
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Why Did I Start DavidsCPFitness?
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What is Cerebral Palsy?
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