Episode 3: Is Deadpool at STAY?

Season 1 | Episode 3
1h 23m | Jun 10, 2021

Hello! Welcome to A3Noonas Kpop Podcast. Stop the press! Today the triple A’s discuss BTS’s performance of ‘Butter’ on Billboard Music Awards and compare American award shows to Korean awards. Plus the question of the day: ‘Are award shows still important today? And as always we have Kpop news from our own Kpop Yoda, Amber and more. Welcome to episode 3 of A3Noonas, where fangirling comes to life.

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*Ep. 3 was recorded on 5/29/21. All music and Kpop news were from the week of May 24, 2021 or prior.

*DISCLAIMER: Discussions of topics are based in fact, of our opinions, and our experiences. A3Noonas can sometimes be inappropriate, funny, and a hot mess.

Amber’s Clip of the week: San & Jessi’s dance to Jess’s song, ‘What Type of X’ on Immortal Song

Amber’s Top 3 Songs Picks;

Gaho-’Rush Hour’:

Rocket Punch- ‘Ring Ring’-

Oh My Girl- ‘Dun Dun Dance’-

Amy’s Pick: ‘0x1=Love Song’-

Alley’s Top 3 Picks:

B.I. - ‘Waterfall Live Film’-

Purple Kiss- ‘Ponzona’ -

Purple Kiss- ‘Can We Talk Again’-


Intro We used: “CrazyKpop” Intro #4


Intro Song We Used: Julius Dreisig x Zeus x Crona -”Invisible”

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FAYZED - TakeOff

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