The Challenges of Being a Kpop Fan

Season 1 | Episode 8
58m | Jul 17, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back to A3Noonas K-pop Podcast. Today we did a changeup in the order of our episodes. Instead of going in order, we decided to switch up by posting episode 8 this week and episode 7 next week. Episode 8 was more relevant for this week. Next week will be episode 7, K-pop merch and why do we collect.

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This week we 3 K-pop Besties dive in deep into the challenges of being a K-pop fan. What we discussed during this podcast is mostly based on our own personal experiences. We do touch on common challenges K-pop fans within the K-pop community and outside the K-pop community. Again, this is our opinion and based on our experiences.

Shout Out: We are giving our 1st shout out to fellow YouTuber, ‘Souley Says’. She gives blind reactions to K-pop videos. If you like tiaras, honest reactions, and some wine, head over to Souley Says. Plus she even has an Etsy shop that sells customized K-pop merch.

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*DISCLAIMER: Discussions of topics are based in fact, of our opinions, and our experiences. A3Noonas can sometimes be inappropriate, funny, and a hot mess.

This episode was recorded on July 10, 2021 and any music we mention was from the week of July 4, 2021 and prior.

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Here is the list of statements or questions we hear the most when being a K-pop/K-drama fan:

1.The questions/statements & topics we talk about in this podcast:

2.You are too old to like K-pop.

3.You know you are black right?

4.You can’t be a multi stan. (Multi stan VS. solo stan)

5.Can’t have an opinion unless it is full of praise or straight positivity for the group/song/artist.

6.Blind loyalty to an artist even if the song or concept was not up to par.

7.Fans are not able to have mature conversations or discussions.

8.If you dislike a song, then you are an anti-fan.

9.Asian stereotypes.

10.Being open minded to all opinions.

11.Wanting to get a writer fired, canceled, or banned when the writer’s opinion about a group or song is less than positive.

Songs we are listening to

Amber & Amy:

*Moon Jongup- ‘US’- this is Moon Jongup 1st EP. It was released on July 8, 2021.


*SF9 newest album ‘Turn Over’. It was released on July 5, 2021. The title track was, ‘Tear Drop’

*Alexa- ‘Xtra’- this song was the title track from her first single album called ‘ReviveR’. The song ‘Xtra’ features BM from KARD.

*OMEGA X- ‘OMEGA X’- OMGEA X is a 11 member boy group that debuted on June 30, 2021


*JustB-1st mini album called ‘Just Burn’. This album was released on June 30, 2021. The members were on two different survival shows, ‘Under Nineteen’ and ‘I-Land’.

*Hyunjin from Stray Kids dance performance piece- ‘Play With Fire’-

Videos we used in this video:

*SF9- ‘Tear Drop’- SBS Inkigayo 2021*7*11-

*Moon Jong Up- ‘US’-

*Just B- ‘Damage’- Be Original Performance-

Links to Information:


Just B



Intro/Outro We used: Canva

Intro Song We Used: Julius Dreisig x Zeus x Crona -”Invisible”

Julius Dreisig ⬇

Zeus X Crona ⬇

Outro Song We Used:

Music We use: "Dreams" by


Other Music We Used:



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