K-dramas Are The Other K-pop Obsession

Season 1 | Episode 5
1h 31m | Jun 24, 2021

Welcome to #A3Noonas #Kpop podcast episode 5. Today’s episode A3Noonas will introduce the sister to #Kpop, #Kdramas. Yes. #Kdramas are just as addictive as #Kpop. Amy, Allison, and Amber are going to step away from #Kpop and talk about #Kdramas or Asian television shows. This episode will be a nice introduction in Kdrama 101. A simple day course. We will explain how we got into #Kdramas, what type of Asian television shows we mostly watch, and discuss our top most rewatched dramas.

*Ep. 5 was recorded on 6/12/21.

*DISCLAIMER: Discussions of topics are based in fact, of our opinions, and our experiences. A3Noonas can sometimes be inappropriate, funny, and a hot mess.

*Most of the K-dramas We Mention Can Be Watched on: Viki, Netflix, YouTube, & KocowA


Intro We used: “CrazyKpop” Intro #4 Intro #3


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Intro & Outro Song We Used: Julius Dreisig x Zeus x Crona -”Invisible”

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