21. Sustainable Productivity

51m | Dec 3, 2021

Need to change your approach to writing? On this latest installment of the Grad Girl Wellness podcast, we sit down with the founder and owner of The Dissertation Coach, Dr. Alison Miller, along with a fellow dissertation consultant, Dr. Rowena Robles to talk about sustainable productivity in the lives of grad students.

Writing long texts can feel like being in a constant state of uncertainty, which is why Alison and Rowena use the concept of sustainable productivity to help us sooth our nervous systems and produce work that we can truly honor. Listen to this if you want to learn more about:

  • 4 step process of sustainable productivity
  • The role of faith in writing
  • How to break down the dissertation into manageable tasks

Doing this alone can be daunting, which is why The Academic Writers' Space (TAWS) exists. TAWS is a virtual co-working community based on kindness and accountability. The first week is free! Find out more about the Dissertation Coach and TAWS at

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