29. From PhD to Postdoc

25m | Oct 7, 2022

On this special Wellness Reset edition of the Grad Girl Wellness podcast, we sit down with Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois who will be a featured panelist and the yoga instructor for the retreat happening October 8 at 12 pm EST. Dr. Bourgeois is a "Pandemic PhD" who earned her doctorate in Administration of Justice in 2021. She is currently a professor, postdoctoral fellow and yoga instructor. Through her work with Pages & Poses LLC., she melds her passions for wellness and supporting individuals impacted by the criminal legal system. On this episode we discuss:

  • The parallels between a wellness and academic journey
  • The difference between being a PhD student and a postdoc
  • Gaining real-world experience prior to pursuing a PhD

To find out more about Dr. Bourgeois you can follow her on Instagram @jennwith2ns_yogi and on her website

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