26. The Mindful Phd Journal

25m | Jun 29, 2022

Add this to your book list! Danielle, a Second year PhD Student in Microbiology and Immunology, created an interactive mindfulness journal for students! The Mindful PhD journal was reviewed by licensed therapists, and is filled with reflective prompts, peer reviewed literature, meditations, quotes, and affirmations.

On the show, Danielle talks about how her postbacc prepared her for prioritizing wellness during the PhD, and why she is inspired to change the culture of academia by prioritizing wellness on a structural level. She goes in depth on:

  • the importance of 'grad'itude
  • how to practice micro moments of mindfulness
  • how to use the journal throughout grad school

The Mindful PhD journal was birthed from a desire to help students develop: 1) their “why” and 2) a wellness toolkit. In spite of the name, the journal can be useful for not just PhD students but also those in Master’s and professional programs. To purchase the journal for only $24, go to You can find out more about Danielle at dani.renee_(instagram) and dani_renee_ (Twitter).

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