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Stories with my muslim mom

Comedian Ali Sultan and his mother Mona explore their amazing journey as immigrants throughout the world and learn about one another.


#27 Mom talks to her Daughter Basma
Show Details38min 36s
#26 Waleed Mahdi part 2
Show Details47min 47s
#25 Arab American's in Film with Professor Waleed Mahdi
Show Details44min 6s
#24 Ali Survives a Tornado
Show Details44min 6s
#23 Mom Goes Back To Yemen Part 2
Show Details48min 11s
#22 Mom Goes Back to Yemen
Show Details43min 56s
#21 Poet Sagirah Shahid and special performance by Hassan Sagirah
Show Details42min 24s
#20 Fringe Festival Executive Director and Inspirational. Mother: Dawn Bentley
Show Details56min 32s
#19 Mom gets the honor to be the voice of MN Fringe Festival
Show Details15min 2s
#18 Mother and Immigrant Zinet Abdella
Show Details30min 53s
#17 Comedian and Mother Sally Johnson
Show Details30min 43s
#16 We argue about mom's plans to go back to Yemen
Show Details27min 49s
#15 First Day of Ramadan Is Hard
Show Details17min 23s
#14 🇵🇭Philippine with Comedian Shawn Nafstad
Show Details17min 55s
#13 🇬🇹 Guatemala with Educator Andrea Lechuga
Show Details24min 21s
#12 🇵🇰 Pakistan with Comedian Moe Yaqub
Show Details30min 57s
#11 🇸🇴 Somalia with Comedian Ahmed Khalaf
Show Details31min 1s
#10 Moms First Halloween
Show Details18min 11s
#9 Mom's first few months in American and Ramadan
Show Details20min 17s
#8 Mom talks warm memories of Eid and Ramadan in Yemen
Show Details22min 30s
#7 Mom fights for her rights against authorities
Show Details17min
#6 Mom talks about racism in Yemen
Show Details21min 38s
#5 Mom talks about why she wears a Hajib and hates ISIS
Show Details28min 40s
#4 Mom talks about how Ali got Kidnapped
Show Details22min 8s
#3 Mom talks about dad's mental illness
Show Details19min 16s
#2 Mom talks about why she moved to America
Show Details26min 21s
#1 Mom talks about fighting the stigma of being divorced
Show Details32min 15s