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A guy from New York with a lot on my mind and more to say! I discuss topics that are deemed controversial and too hot for the media! From world news, relationships, entertainment, pop culture and more!


Tone-deaf Liberals, Nicki Manaj and the "Red-Pill" in Real Time...
Show Details1hr 26min
82. Pay Attention to the World Around You! Season 2, Episode 11: RubenPrime Podcast:
Show Details1hr 53min
OnlyFans Bans then Unbans, Mandate Flip-Flop & Blood Sports?! RubenPrime Podcast: Season 2-Episode 10
Show Details1hr 32min
Stop Capping or No More Freedoms While Resigning: RubenPrime Podcast: Season 2-Episode 9
Show Details1hr 29min
Key to NYC Pass During Another Cuomo Scandal: RubenPrime Podcast-Season 2 Episode 8
Show Details1hr 50min
Gain of Fauci, Cuba, Immigration Flip-Flop, and NYC Bail Reform: RubenPrime Podcast: Season 2 Episode 7
Show Details1hr 44min
The War on the Children: The RubenPrime Podcast-Episode 6: Season 2
Show Details1hr 32min
The RubenPrime Podcast - Episode 5: Season 2: White Boy Summer During a Summer Crime Wave While Vaxxed
Show Details1hr 33min
The Ruben Prime Podcast - Episode 4: Season 2: Doge Crashes, EDP445, Kevin Samuels and Tweet of the Week
Show Details1hr 42min
The Ruben Prime Podcast - Episode 3: Season 2: Breaking Records
Show Details1hr 28min
The Ruben Prime Podcast - Episode 2, Season 2: The Empire of Fear (03/30/2021)
Show Details1hr 14min
The Ruben Prime Podcast - Episode 1: Season 2: {This Message Has Been Redacted} 01/16/2021
Show Details1hr 38min
Rules for Thee but Not for Me - RubenPrime Podcast (12/05/2020)
Show Details1hr 35min
RubenPrime Podcast: Freestyle Edition (12-01-2020)
Show Details1hr 41min
Massive Vibes with Jen - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 32min
#RIPChadwickBoseman - RubenPrime Podcast (08/29/20)
Show Details51min 47s
Great News! G4TV's Return In 2021! - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 18min
The RoundTable Episode 14: Wrestling's Guilty Pleasures - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details2hr 11min
The Year 2020 is Like a Very Bad Game of Jumanji - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 35min
The RoundTable: Episode 13: Quarantine (Stay Home) Edition - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 30min
CoronaVirus: Uncharted Waters - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 30min
02/29/20 COVID19, Sonic, Kobe, OnlyFans Hustle... RubenPrimeTV Podcast
Show Details1hr 15min
A Podcast To Listen To While Taking The 7 Express Train - RubenPrimeTV Podcast
Show Details1hr 41min
The RoundTable: Episode 12: Ricky Gervais, WW3, Wrestling Sucks & Angela White AVN
Show Details1hr 51min
Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie! - RubenPrime Podcast 01/05/2020
Show Details1hr 4min
The One with Two Belts! NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Mega-Episode! 01/02/2020
Show Details2hr 30min
Attack Of The Doc Or Sonic Redux? - RubenPrime Podcast 11/22/19
Show Details1hr 14min
No Nut Novmeber, Chicken Sandwich, T.I. Doctor Visits - RubenPrime Podcast 11/10/2019
Show Details1hr 7min
Welcome to the Clown World Order - RubenPrime Podcast 10/31/2019
Show Details1hr 26min
HSC Podcast: Episode 4: Super Typhoon Shake-Up! (King of Pro-Wrestling Aftermath)
Show Details1hr 10min
HSC Podcast: Episode 3: NJPW King of Pro-crastination 2019 Rundown
Show Details55min 45s
The RoundTable: Episode 11: Joker, Hypocrisy & Wrestling Feat. Rome_Himself
Show Details1hr 19min
Ruben & Rome Connection Episode 8: Wednesday Night War or Monday Night War Lite?
Show Details2hr 9min
HSC Podcast: Episode 2: New Japan Pro-Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Aftermath
Show Details1hr 14min
The RoundTable: Episode 10: Calling Out The Cancel Culture
Show Details1hr 13min
Nihilism, Sticks & Stones, Vic Mignogna - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 31min
NXTUK: Takeover: Cardiff & AEW: All Out 2019 Recap
Show Details1hr 30min
Table4One: Episode 28: The Boys Being Bothered While Preforming Arts with Chicken Sandwiches
Show Details1hr 4min
Ruben 'N' Rome Wrestling Connection: Episode 7: NXT: TakeOver Toronto 2019
Show Details1hr 22min
The RoundTable: Episode 9 - RubenPrime Podcast
Show Details1hr 27min
Table4One: Episode 27: Don't Apologize for Drinking While Storming Area 51
Show Details1hr 26min
Table4One (Wrestling): Episode 26: Reunion is Raw or Text Me Back Punk?
Show Details1hr 47min
Table4One: Episode 25: Killing Franchises or Feeling Anxious?
Show Details1hr 6min
Table 4 One: Episode 24: #GetWokeGoBroke: The Dedux
Show Details1hr 4min
The RoundTable: Episode 8: When Memes Come Alive!
Show Details1hr 36min
Table 4 One (Wrestling): Episode 23: Holy S**T, its Boss Time!
Show Details1hr 24min
RubenPrimeTV Presents: The H.S.C Podcast: Episode 1: NJPW G1 Climax 29 Discussion
Show Details2hr 10min
Table 4 One: Episode 22: Gone Too Soon
Show Details1hr 24min
Table 4 One "Wrestling": Episode 21: Stomping Grounds Or Backwards?
Show Details1hr 5min
Table 4 One: Episode 20: The G4 Salute
Show Details1hr 31min
Table 4 One: Episode 19: Burn It With Tinder
Show Details1hr 18min
Table 4 One: Episode 18: E3 2019
Show Details1hr 21min
Table 4 One: Episode 17: The Road to Decriminalization? "ReUpload"
Show Details1hr 17min
Table 4 One: Episode 16: Down The RabbitHole: Dark PhoeniX
Show Details1hr 7min
Table4One (Plus One): Episode 15: Its Not All Whips & Chains
Show Details1hr 9min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection Podcast: Episode 6: The TakeOver of Jon Moxley
Show Details1hr 57min
Table 4 One: Episode 14: Rise & Fall of TechTV
Show Details1hr 8min
Table 4 One: (Plus One): Episode 13: The Taboos of Sex & Relationships
Show Details1hr 8min
RubenPrimeTV: Table 4 One: Episode 12: #GetWokeGoBroke
Show Details1hr 30min
Ruben N Rome Connection: Episode 5: Yowie Wowie! Vince, The Poop Genius!
Show Details1hr 48min
RoundTable: Episode 7: The Return of the RoundTable or Angela White Fan Club
Show Details1hr 37min
Table 4 One: Episode 11: Social Media Sickness
Show Details1hr 13min
Table 4 One: Episode 10: Do You Trust This Computer?
Show Details1hr 15min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection: Episode 4: You Can Touch But You Can't Shake It Up!
Show Details1hr 11min
Table 4 One: Episode 9: We're In The EndGame Now... (No Spoilers)
Show Details1hr 12min
Table 4 One Episode 8: Addendums & Revelations
Show Details1hr 4min
Table 4 One: Episode 7: Wrestling Edition (WWE SuperStar ShakeUp Fallout)
Show Details1hr 25min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection: Episode 3: Part 2: Wrestlemania 35
Show Details1hr 23min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection: Episode 3: Part 1 (NXT: TakeOver: New York & G1 SuperCard)
Show Details1hr 21min
Table 4 One Episode 6: A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) ...It Begins
Show Details1hr 21min
Table 4 One Episode 5: Hussle Hard & Strong
Show Details1hr 2min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection Episode 2: Wrestlemania Breakdown Part 2
Show Details2hr 23min
Table 4 One Episode 4: The Scales of Equality
Show Details1hr 13min
Ruben 'N' Rome Connection Episode 1: Wrestlemania Weekend Breakdown Part 1
Show Details1hr 49min
RoundTable Episode 6: Aunt Beckys FU Money or Shorter Podcast
Show Details45min 30s
Table 4 One Episode 3: The RubenPrime Experience
Show Details1hr 22min
RoundTable Episode 5: Origins & Beginnings
Show Details1hr 1min
RoundTable Episode 4: Its All Fun & Games When Men Gets Sexually Assaulted
Show Details1hr 5min
RoundTable Episode 3: Not A Beach, This Is A Podcast (#AnimeGate)
Show Details54min 50s
Table 4 One Episode 2: Whats Wrong With Our Culture & Is Artistry Dead?
Show Details54min 55s
RoundTable Episode 2: Vic Mignogna
Show Details53min 12s