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David Yakobovitch explores AI for consumers through fireside conversations with industry thought leaders on HumAIn. From Chief Data Scientists and AI Advisors, to Leaders who advance AI for All, the HumAIn Podcast is the channel to release new AI products, to learn about industry trends, and to bridge the gap between humans and machines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


How Data Informed Loops changed The Future of Design with Sam Horodezky
Show Details41min 17s
How to Future Proof Your Career in Data Science with Chris Bishop
Show Details39min 54s
How to accelerate the Data Economy for the Next Workforce with Merav Yuravlivker
Show Details46min 12s
How Businesses can Scale Practical AI Products in a Post-COVID world with Matthew O'Kane
Show Details34min 4s
The importance of Data Management and AI during COVID-19 with Nikita Shamgunov
Show Details48min 38s
Artificial Intelligence and the COVID-19 Pandemic with Nikolas Badminton
Show Details46min 37s
A Virtual Workforce Model for COVID-19 and Beyond with Ashwin Rao of Collabera
Show Details31min 54s
How to Transform the Legal Industry and Contract Law with AI and Jerry Ting
Show Details36min 19s
The Future of Online Learning and Education with Daniel Pianko
Show Details47min 44s
Modern Natural Language Processing and AI during COVID-19 with Daniel Whitenack
Show Details42min 28s
Why Machine Learning is Now Part of the Software Engineer's Toolkit with Gideon Mendels
Show Details46min 20s
We're All in this Together with Mike Robbins
Show Details41min 46s
Grokking Artificial Intelligence with Rishal Hurbans
Show Details32min 31s
What New Yorkers Can Do to Build Stronger Communities Today with Eric Adams
Show Details34min 47s
The Rise of Open Source in Financial Services with Gabriele Columbro of FINOS
Show Details46min 49s
How People Can Create Authentic Work and Relationships During COVID-19 with Lorna Davis
Show Details45min 59s
The Story of How AI changed Google Maps with David Yakobovitch
Show Details11min 12s
How Founders Scale Products and Startups at Cornell Tech with Fernando Gómez-Baquero
Show Details45min 27s
Humanizing Data Science with Design Thinking with Saleema Vellani
Show Details37min 5s
Machine Learning with R, the tidyverse, and mlr by Hefin Rhys
Show Details46min 5s
Why Responsible AI is Needed in Explainable AI Systems with Christoph Lütge of TUM
Show Details32min 17s
Transform your Data Science Projects with these 5 Steps of Design Thinking
Show Details7min 2s
The Top 10 Data Science & AI Books of 2020 with David Yakobovitch
Show Details11min 20s
How AI Dungeon has Generated Game Design with GPT-2
Show Details34min 36s
How AI Can Help Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with ElectrifAi's work on Image Recognition
Show Details44min 43s
How Privacy Could be the Deciding Factor for Data Access with Cyrus Radfar
Show Details42min 34s
The Most Promising Tech Job of 2020 Is Cybersecurity Analyst with David Yakobovitch
Show Details7min 14s
AI Update: Coronavirus Vaccine powered by AI, White House Expands AI Budget with David Yakobovitch
Show Details8min 58s
How DeepFakes will influence Your Vote in the 2020 US Election with David Yakobovitch
Show Details12min 56s
How AI Can Protect Physical Objects in the Real World with Jakub Krcmar
Show Details41min
New AI Trends in February 2020 with David Yakobovitch
Show Details12min 49s
Why You Should be Worried about Identity Theft with David Yakobovitch
Show Details14min 46s
The Solution to Breast Cancer is finally here: Artificial Intelligence with David Yakobovitch
Show Details13min 31s
How to Fight the Coronavirus with AI and Data Science with David Yakobovitch
Show Details13min 42s
How AI Enables Online Shopping with David Yakobovitch
Show Details10min
Is there any Industry that is using AI more than #healthcare with David Yakobovitch
Show Details4min 5s
AI Transformation and the Digital Age with David Yakobovitch
Show Details3min 58s
Can Artificial Intelligence Help Answer HR's Toughest Questions with David Yakobovitch
Show Details4min 17s
Why Responsible AI is Critical for every Enterprise Company with Bret Greenstein of Cognizant
Show Details37min 47s
When Technology Does Not Live up to the Hype with David Yakobovitch
Show Details9min 24s
How AI Can Create Positive Social Outcomes in the United States with Jake Porway of Datakind
Show Details44min 27s
Connected Everything - Smart Sensors, 5G, and Always On Displays with David Yakobovitch
Show Details12min 8s
Talent Wars In-Demand Skills, Tech Shortage, and Income Share Agreements with David Yakobovitch
Show Details9min 10s
What Skills New and Seasoned Data Scientists should learn in 2020 with David Yakobovitch
Show Details11min 7s
Weekly Update: AI Adoption, AI Regulation, and Applied AI with David Yakobovitch
Show Details7min 45s
How Enterprises Can Build Data Science and AI Teams with Beth Partridge
Show Details38min 9s
Special Edition: Wuhan Coronavirus Predicted Early by AI Company that tracked SARS and Ebola with David Yakobovitch
Show Details5min 45s
How Space Armies will Define the Artificial Intelligence Race with David Yakobovitch
Show Details7min 4s
Is AI a Job Killer or a Job Creator with David Yakobovitch
Show Details5min 19s
The Paradox of Artificial Intelligence with David Yakobovitch
Show Details7min 39s
Flash Briefing: Why Amazon's Return to NYC is Good for All New Yorkers with David Yakobovitch
Show Details6min 31s
What Has Spurred Significant Job Creation and Industry Growth in NYC with Karen Bhatia
Show Details43min 18s
How to Enable AI in Software Development with Chris Van Pelt of Weights & Biases
Show Details39min 17s
How You Can Enable Modern Enterprise Data Science with Armen Kherlopian of Genpact
Show Details43min 29s
How Human Centered Design Can Create Inclusive Systems with Chris Butler of IPSoft
Show Details47min 39s
Why Leaders Must Consider the Ethics of AI with Armen Berjikly from Ultimate Software
Show Details31min 51s
How Traditional Companies Can Transform to Remain Competitive in the Age of AI with Xena Ugrinsky
Show Details35min 37s
How Cloud Workers Enable Modern AI Applications with Mark Sears
Show Details39min 53s
Why Voice is the New Input for All Our Devices with Dan O'Connell
Show Details37min 34s
How Synthetic Data has Revolutionized the AI Industry with Jeremy Kaufmann
Show Details50min 26s
How AI Initiatives at the World Economic Forum will Support the Public Good with Eddan Katz
Show Details40min 3s
How Conversational AI will Improve Your Customer Success with Noelle LaCharite of Microsoft
Show Details42min 56s
Why Immigration Reform is Key to Solve the Talent Gap with Brian Frumberg
Show Details43min 40s
Why Open AI Systems are Necessary for Consumer Applications with Mike Capps
Show Details48min
What You can Do to Reduce the Dangers of AI with Alberto Todeschini
Show Details38min 39s
How to Create the Future of AI Systems with Travis Dirks
Show Details29min 42s
How the World can Participate in AI with Tara Chklovski
Show Details40min 30s
Exploring the Future of AI with Jed Dougherty
Show Details45min 19s
Bridging the Gap Between People and Systems with John Spence
Show Details45min 24s
How Technology is Changing Work & Education with Kristen Kehrer
Show Details40min 5s
The Two Types of Automation with Lex Sokolin
Show Details50min 5s
How to Adapt to a Rapidly Changing World with Bret Greenstein
Show Details42min 55s
The Downsides of Rapid Changes in Technology and AI with T. Scott
Show Details38min 44s
Why NYC is the Next Silicon Valley with John Lynn
Show Details27min 12s
The Diversity Problem in Technology with Dr. JT Kostman
Show Details40min 18s
How Companies Can Build AI Products with Sameer Maskey
Show Details30min 41s
How AI Will Affect Your Business with Oliver Christie
Show Details38min
How to Operate in an AI Focused World with Jeronimo De Leon
Show Details35min 3s
Welcome to HumAIn with David Yakobovitch
Show Details7min 50s