GPS Podcast

Geography and history of every streets, cities, towns, and provinces in the Philippines. Uploading every Friday.


GPS Podcast | EuroPinas: Venezia del Sud
Show Details15min 17s
GPS Podcast | EuroPinas: Piccola Roma
Show Details13min 41s
GPS Podcast | EuroPinas: Paris d'Orient
Show Details17min 58s
GPS Podcast | EuroPinas: Barcelona
Show Details15min 59s
GPS Podcast | EuroPinas: España y Filipinas
Show Details11min 18s
GPS Podcast | KAMPO: Mindanao
Show Details16min 41s
GPS Podcast | KAMPO: Visayas
Show Details14min 44s
GPS Podcast | KAMPO: Luzon
Show Details25min 5s
GPS Podcast | KAMPO: Metro Manila
Show Details13min 5s
GPS Podcast | HEADLINES: Cherry Hills Subdivision Landslide
Show Details5min 27s
GPS Podcast | HEADLINES: 1963 BSP Plane Crash
Show Details6min 28s
GPS Podcast | HEADLINES: 1990 Luzon Earthquake
Show Details5min 9s
GPS Podcast | HEADLINES: Payatas Trash Slide
Show Details4min 56s
GPS Podcast | HEADLINES: Bocaue Pagoda Tragedy
Show Details5min 30s
GPS Podcast | MNL Districts
Show Details22min 17s
GPS Podcast | San Juan: Ang Dakilang Lungsod
Show Details16min 30s
GPS Podcast | Baluarte ni Pepe
Show Details10min 49s
GPS Podcast | Where the Freedom Is
Show Details14min 20s
GPS Podcast | Bagong Batas
Show Details14min 54s
GPS Podcast | Lost in Imus
Show Details12min 47s
GPS Podcast | Sarangani
Show Details13min 53s
GPS Podcast | Lakbay sa Pasay
Show Details19min 56s
GPS Podcast | Queen of the Streets
Show Details16min 52s
GPS Podcast | 500 Years of Discovery: Mactan
Show Details15min 51s
GPS Podcast | 500 Years of Discovery: Limasawa
Show Details12min 12s
GPS Podcast | 500 Years of Discovery: Homonhon
Show Details11min 2s
GPS Podcast | Mga Simbahan sa Maynila (Visita Iglesia de Manila Series - Part 2)
Show Details24min 50s
GPS Podcast | 7 Churches of Intramuros (Visita Iglesia de Manila Series - Part 1)
Show Details18min 34s
GPS Podcast | Valenzuela
Show Details21min 29s
GPS Podcast | American Baguio
Show Details14min 12s
GPS Podcast | Sino si GenSan?
Show Details13min 27s
GPS Podcast | The City of Seven Lakes
Show Details12min 57s
GPS Podcast | Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Ochenta y Sais Series)
Show Details16min 27s
GPS Podcast | The City of Love
Show Details13min 6s
GPS Podcast | The Dragon Trail
Show Details11min 26s
GPS Podcast | Dangwa
Show Details10min 26s
GPS Podcast | A Tale of 13 Martyrs
Show Details9min 20s
GPS Podcast | Malolos: Ang Duyan ng Republika
Show Details15min 11s
GPS Podcast | Butas sa Ortigas
Show Details12min 41s
GPS Podcast | Quiapo: The Center of Black Nazarene
Show Details8min 12s
GPS Podcast | Firecracker Capital
Show Details11min 18s
GPS Podcast | VisMin Christmas Invasion
Show Details14min 32s
GPS Podcast | DV
Show Details11min 19s
GPS Podcast | The Christmas Capital
Show Details10min 41s
GPS Podcast | Calle Policarpio
Show Details12min 55s
GPS Podcast | Marawi: Then and Now
Show Details11min 24s
GPS Podcast | Timog Katagalugan
Show Details13min 3s
GPS Podcast | Quezon City Districts
Show Details16min 41s
GPS Podcast | Ms. Balete Drive 2020
Show Details21min 21s
GPS Podcast | Haunted Haybol
Show Details18min 31s
GPS Podcast | Monumentong Pugot
Show Details12min 31s
GPS Podcast | Si Francisco Bangoy at ang Davao Airport
Show Details17min 32s
GPS Podcast | Makati Eagle Statues
Show Details16min 11s
GPS Podcast | Two Caloocans
Show Details15min 34s