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Join us as we work towards cracking the go-to-market sprint to unicorn status and beyond. In these interviews you can expect to hear B2B patterns and playbooks from some of the best revenue operators and investors in the industry. The show host, Elias Rubel, who has led two startups to acquisition as CEO and serves as a growth advisor to Dropbox, brings you along for candid discussions as he works toward his mission to turn the sprint to $100M ARR and beyond into a blueprint for other founders and operators.


Box CMO, Chris Koehler, on generalists vs specialists, and the transition to hybrid marketing
Show Details21min 14s
Chris Byers on using M&A as a strategic lever for growth
Show Details14min 10s
Naman Khan, CMO of Zeplin, on his approach to building and scaling marketing orgs from the ground up
Show Details25min 59s
Rich Taylor, VP of Operations and COS at Qualio, on approaching conversations, measuring success, and the fundamentals
Show Details23min 20s
Former VP of Growth at Drift and Advisor to many, Guillaume “G” Cabane, on the mashup between Economic Market Dynamics and low-cost CAC strategies
Show Details22min 17s
Shane Murphy-Reuter, CMO of ZoomInfo, on the importance of setting your brand vision and the ‘Miley Moment’
Show Details20min 9s
Amy Guarino, VP of Ironclad, on shifting perspectives and advice to her younger self
Show Details27min 25s
Paramita Bhattacharya, CMO of Blurb, shares on leadership and lessons learned along the way
Show Details17min 18s
Randy Frisch, CMO at Uberflip on how and when to think about category creation
Show Details26min 15s
Sam Boonin, former VP Product Strategy at Zendesk on all things PLG and Product Marketing
Show Details22min 8s
New Relic CMO Seema Kumar unpacks the myths of developer marketing and other strategies for hyper scale
Show Details26min 45s
From $0-$80M ARR in 13 Months with Hopin CMO Anthony Kennada
Show Details28min 25s
Greg Strickland on how to be a good human, while hyper scaling in SaaS
Show Details25min 35s
Johanna Fagerstedt, CMO of Quinyx, shares thoughts on organizing a globally-distributed team for success amidst an uncertain climate
Show Details19min 51s
Jennifer Dimas, CMO at Qumu Corporation and Co-founder of Women in Revenue on blending analytical and creative aspects of marketing
Show Details24min 1s
Chili Piper, Nicolas Vandenberghe on their GTM Strategy and building a durable remote culture
Show Details26min 42s
Chargebee CRO Adam Tesan and the Rise of RevOps
Show Details20min 37s
OneLogin CMO and Co-Founder of Women in Revenue, Dayna Rothman, on building teams and a Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff reunion
Show Details26min 55s
Skilljar CEO and Co-Founder, Sandi Lin, on her evolution as a leader and lessons learned
Show Details27min 16s
Co-founder and Partner of PeakSpan Capital, Matt Melymuka on patterns of success growth and failures
Show Details21min 46s
Carolina Kung of Frontline Ventures on accelerating the learning curve of early-stage founders and CEOs
Show Details22min 9s
6Sense CMO Latane Conant on earning the right to go big
Show Details28min 7s
Kirti Dewan, VP of Marketing at BugSnag on the most successful campaigns this year and pivoting to online events
Show Details22min 12s
Sendoso CMO Daniel Frohnen on his team’s response to this year’s challenges and his advice for early stage companies.
Show Details23min 54s
What’s it like reporting to a board with Marc Andreessen and John Chambers in a board room? In this episode with Matt Singer, CMO at OpenGov, we talk about marketing GovTech, and the evolving revenue landscape post-covid.
Show Details25min
Kevin Dorsey on Scaling Sales with Missionaries not Mercenaries
Show Details30min 6s
Impartner Software CMO Kerry Desberg talks us through her professional journey and identifying profitable markets
Show Details24min 9s
Brian Kardon, the legendary valley CMO behind InVision, Eloqua, and Lattice shares his strategy for creating alignment between sales and marketing and building a balance between product-lead growth and traditional operations
Show Details25min 42s
Bootstrapping to $20M ARR and beyond with Vivek Bhaskaran
Show Details22min 29s
From Microsoft leadership to startuplandia with Romi Mahajan
Show Details27min 9s
Huckabuy Founder & CEO Geoff Atkinson on how we accomplished exponential growth at Overstock and what he’s up to with Huckabuy
Show Details19min 43s
Cracking Hubspot’s Playbook for Emerging Markets with Paul Rios
Show Details31min 4s
Thiago Sa Freire, CRO at, shares lessons learned throughout his career and thoughts on customer centricity
Show Details23min 58s
From 0-$12M ARR in 18 months with Jake Dunlap
Show Details24min 37s
Brett Plotzker, Co-founder and Chairman at Anagram, talks about the steps he took to grow Anagram to 3 million ARR quickly and raise 17M in funding
Show Details21min 33s
Ahin Thomas, VP of Marketing at Backblaze, shares the unconventional ways he drives growth and why professional wrestling is America's purest form of storytelling
Show Details23min 52s
Rob Brewster shares lessons from the early growth trenches at Salesforce, Twilio, and Eloqua and what can be applied to startups sprinting to $10M ARR
Show Details26min 26s
Evan Kohn on dialing the Inbound & Outbound growth mix at Pypestream
Show Details25min 55s
Walter Roth of Moment Sales on how to apply an engineering mindset to sales, compassion, and truth
Show Details24min 39s
LeadCrunch CEO Olin Hyde on their unique pricing model and how it has helped them achieve industry-leading YoY growth.
Show Details22min 59s
What did it take to grow Namely from $200k to 60M+ ARR? Michael Manne breaks down the learnings and advice he now gives to folks on their revenue journey.
Show Details22min 45s
Sydney Sloan, SalesLoft CMO, on marketing trends and customer centricity
Show Details28min 50s
Alex Bilmes [VP of Growth at Puppet] reflects on the growth that led to his first exit.
Show Details23min 38s
Michelle Benfer, VP Sales at Hubspot, on hyperscale and creating a culture to drive revenue.
Show Details21min 20s
Lars Nilsson, fmr Cloudera Global VP of Sales, on a career full of learnings, mentorship, and gratitude.
Show Details24min 42s
Aditya Vempaty of Synthego on retention as a marketing-driven metric and a focus on customers instead of product
Show Details21min 36s
Unpacking the Psychology of Success with Mike Lindstrom
Show Details21min 43s
What do the sales programs at Google, Salesforce, Okta, Box, and LinkedIn all have in common? John Barrows.
Show Details26min 56s
4x IPOs as CMO and countless Board Seats later, Carol Meyers digs into her secret sauce for sustainable growth
Show Details23min 16s
Attorney turned sales executive, David Cain shares insights on thinking strategically about your customer base
Show Details23min 13s
Richard Harris shares insights and lessons learned over his 20+ years of technology and SaaS experience
Show Details22min 39s
Sean Sheppard of GrowthX on the importance of “Stage Fit” in SaaS growth
Show Details24min 31s
1517 Fund founder Danielle Strachman on venture capital success metrics and startup fire-fighting
Show Details30min 41s
Getting from $10M-$20M: Justin Gray shares applicable lessons learned driving high performance growth.
Show Details20min 27s
Hiring 400+ sales reps in one year, and the value of continually seeking feedback.
Show Details25min 36s
PandaDoc CRO, Nate Gilmore on building teams to support the revenue triangle
Show Details25min 25s
Legendary valley CMO, Meagen Eisenberg shares her reflections on leading growth at TripActions and MongoDB.
Show Details28min 17s
From high school arts teacher to a successful career leading B2B marketing teams, Jen Spencer shares her unique journey to the top
Show Details31min 45s
From G2 to HelpScout, Adam Goyette talks us through his approach to high performance growth
Show Details26min 39s
Andrew Ettinger took Pivotal from $0-$500M+ and now is the CRO at BigID
Show Details19min 46s
Former Hubspot VP of Growth, Brain Balfour, unpacks growth at Loom, Drift, and Pipefy
Show Details24min 56s
Chris Combs of LinkSquares on the importance of getting the right people in the right seats
Show Details22min 41s
This week we dive deep into FinTech SaaS with Logan Allin of FinVC
Show Details32min 22s
Angela Jackson on her approach to investing through empirical evidence and diversity at the decision-making table
Show Details21min 57s
Revenue guru Matt Heinz on operationalizing growth mechanisms
Show Details25min 23s
Prolific entrepreneur and investor, Arjun Sethi on overcoming the challenges of scale
Show Details40min 44s
Acclaimed B2B marketing exec, Kasey Byrne, on avoiding marketing traps
Show Details25min 37s
After years in the making, former HubSpot CRO, Mark Roberge unveils his new paradigm for product-market fit and the ebook to get you there
Show Details27min 14s
Alok Nandan of Emergent Ventures on the importance of identifying buyer pain in B2B SaaS
Show Details21min 25s
Scott Leese on the importance of getting sales ops right in B2B SaaS before hyperscale
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Episode Outline

[04:39] Having the mindset of hustling and outworking everybody

[06:16] The purpose of writing his new book

[10:10] How investing in sales operations help scale the company

[12:04] Thoughts on recruiting and training people

[14:34] The bias and mistakes founders usually make

[16:35] How to communicate to your prospects in a way that is relevant to their needs

[19:22] The regret of not having a sales mentor or business mentor

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