Danusha Santhikumar - Imposter Syndrome - Coaching Clinic -

27m | Nov 10, 2021

Imposter Syndrome. Its a spectre that looms over a staggering 70% of people in the workforce, according to one report.

This week's guest is the incredibly brave Danusha Santhikumar. "Dee" is a former Solicitor- turned Software Account Executive - who shares a very personal cross she bares each day just showing up to work.

Join us in this very vulnerable episode, where Dee share's her personal experience of what Imposter Syndrome is, how it impacts work and relationships, and what strategies have proven useful in tackling it.

For anyone fronting life with self-doubt weighing heavily upon them, this is an episode not to be missed!

(Image Credit: Sydney Sims)

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