Richie Cranny - Founder Wimp2Warrior (W2W), Mixed Martial Artist - Health & Fitness Hustle

47m | Oct 11, 2021

Richie Cranny was born in England and grew up in and around London. Cranny initially began training boxing from the age of eleven under Bruce Wells and Choi Kwang-Do karate in his late teens. From 1997, Cranny's participation in martial arts and combat sports led him to become a student under Lee Aylett, who founded Pro Mai MMA.

In 2012, Cranny created a MMA training program called Wimp 2 Warrior, to train inexperienced individuals in MMA techniques. The training program lasts six months, and includes strength and conditioning training, and mentoring from MMA fighters including Mark HuntJens Pulver and Royce Gracie.

Join us as we discuss Richie's MMA journey, founding W2W, and the power of Martial Arts in bringing out your Best Self!

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