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49ers Rush Podcast with John Chapman

Everything you ever wanted to know about what is going on with the 49ers. A film based approach analysis from an ex-coach. Any questions or topics you want covered submit on twitter @JL_Chapman


49ers Football is Back! John Wayne Show
Show Details40min 15s
49ers OTAs Instant Reactions
Show Details19min 43s
49ers Start OTAs
Show Details27min 53s
All-Greatest 49ers Revisited
Show Details1hr 11min
Which 49ers Rookie Gets the Most Playing Time in 2022?
Show Details36min 52s
Lets Hear From the 49ers Rookies
Show Details47min 26s
49ers Schedule Release and Games Ranked 1-17
Show Details37min 16s
Best and Worst 49ers Positional Groups
Show Details45min 4s
49ers John Wayne Show Previewing Rookie Camp and Schedule
Show Details41min 30s
The Evolution of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch
Show Details38min 14s
NFC West Drafts Breakdown
Show Details34min 14s
Eric Crocker Joins 49ers Rush to Dive Deep into the Draft Class
Show Details29min 26s
The 49ers Draft Class Interviews and Mexico Trip
Show Details36min 40s
Why You Should Be Excited for the 49ers Draft Class- John Wayne Show
Show Details40min 39s
49ers Go for Upside in Draft
Show Details16min 55s
49ers Pre Draft Predictions with Wayne Breezie
Show Details35min 20s
John Chapmans NFL Draft Big Board
Show Details40min 32s
What We Learned from John Lynch Press Conference
Show Details27min 52s
49ers Mock Draft with a Deebo Trade to Jets
Show Details32min 3s
Jets Offering #10 for Deebo?
Show Details25min 28s
49ers Draft Plans with Niner Nate's Nonsense
Show Details1hr
49ers Mock Draft with 49ers Minded
Show Details43min 35s
Why Deebo Samuel Wants Out
Show Details36min 28s
49ers Mock Draft if Deebo was Traded (49ers SHOULD NOT TRADE DEEBO!)
Show Details13min 22s
Deebo Trade Request with Wayne Breezie
Show Details50min 35s
Is Alex Mack Returning?
Show Details13min 43s
49ers Biggest Positional Needs Before the NFL Draft
Show Details30min 3s
49ers Aggressive Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details25min 36s
49ers Draft Talk through DLineman with 49Karats
Show Details50min 45s
49ers Sign Edge Kemoko Turay
Show Details13min 32s
49ers vs Rams Roster Construction with @RamsBeat
Show Details35min 30s
49ers Crossover with Wayne Breezie
Show Details43min 19s
What NFL Draft Prospects Have the 49ers Met With?
Show Details29min 36s
49ers Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details35min 32s
49ers Draft History in the Second Round
Show Details35min 39s
Who Are the Best/Worst 49ers Draft Pick the Last 25 Years?
Show Details50min 7s
Deebo News Update
Show Details10min
Behind Enemy Lines! How the Rams see the 49ers
Show Details33min 19s
How Far Can the 49er Offensive Line Take Them with Brad Graham
Show Details37min 56s
How the Saints and Eagles Trade Helps the 49ers
Show Details17min 55s
Where Are the 49ers Before the Draft with Wayne Breezie
Show Details38min 55s
Thank you Frank Gore!
Show Details6min 29s
49ers Mock Draft Battle with Larry Krueger
Show Details51min 48s
5 Things to be Excited About the 49ers Future!
Show Details48min 42s
Should the 49ers Build Like the Rams?
Show Details16min 29s
Zero Offers for Jimmy Garoppolo
Show Details35min 47s
Dee Ford Done for 49ers
Show Details14min 19s
49ers Mock Draft Post Free Agency
Show Details23min 23s
49ers Free Agency 2022
Show Details40min 6s
NFL Comp Picks Explained Through the 49ers
Show Details19min 53s
State of the 49ers with Chris D of Gold Rush Niners
Show Details16min 52s
49ers Free Agency with CG Ruthless
Show Details33min 38s
Jimmy Garoppolo Insanity
Show Details37min 16s
NFC Got Way Easier!
Show Details42min 34s
With the Legend Larry Krueger
Show Details1hr 9min
49ers Free Agency w/ Crystal Scuor
Show Details34min 37s
Free Agency Starts but Not for the 49ers
Show Details32min 30s
49ers Mock Draft @TheMindofSammy
Show Details31min 6s
QB Mayhem & NFL News
Show Details33min 42s
49ers 2022 Coaching Staff
Show Details39min 15s
Episode #500! And Free Ticket to Draft Party.
Show Details34min 16s
Brian Peacock Joins 49ers Rush
Show Details32min 58s
NFL Draft and QB Trades
Show Details41min 39s
49ers Early Mock Draft
Show Details36min 8s
Trey, Tom & Jimmy G- Use Logic this Offseason
Show Details52min 50s
Jimmy G Future & SB Bets
Show Details47min 11s
49ers Question Satchel
Show Details44min 47s
49ers Free Agency- Who to Keep and Let Go
Show Details47min 35s
Mike McDaniel to Dolphins- Emergency Pod
Show Details16min 31s
49ers New Coaching Changes- Shanahan is Growing Up!
Show Details44min 25s
49ers Season is Over
Show Details21min 22s
NFC Championship Preview & Predictions
Show Details1hr 6min
49ers Journey to the NFC Championship
Show Details37min 58s
NFC Championship History & More
Show Details51min 10s
49ers Grades, Film and Giveaway
Show Details45min 8s
49ers Beat Packers!
Show Details11min 52s
49ers vs Packers Scouting Report & Predictions
Show Details27min 16s
Every Defensive Snap 49ers vs Cowboys- Patreon Preview
Show Details1hr 29min
49ers Offensive Film, Injuries & More
Show Details47min 8s
49ers Beat Cowboys! How Sweet was that Win?
Show Details39min 38s
49ers vs Cowboys Scouting Report & Predictions
Show Details59min 6s
49ers Defense and Looking Forward
Show Details37min 35s
49ers Film, Grades & More
Show Details54min 55s
49ers Win in OT vs Rams- Playoff Bound
Show Details20min 17s
49ers vs Rams Scouting & Predictions
Show Details48min 8s
49ers Updates- Covid, Thumbs & IR Returns
Show Details47min 13s
49ers Film, Grades & Playoffs
Show Details48min 25s
49ers Win vs Texans
Show Details36min 20s
Emergency Pod- Jimmy G Hurt? Is it Trey Lance Time?
Show Details31min 17s
Jimmy G Costs 49ers in Loss vs Titans
Show Details38min 14s
49ers vs Titans Scouting and Predictions
Show Details59min 1s
49ers Are Playoff Worthy
Show Details40min 12s
49ers Win Easily vs Falcons
Show Details43min 40s
49ers vs Falcons Scouting & Predictions
Show Details47min 33s
49ers Injuries and Updates
Show Details57min
49ers Film & Grades in Win vs Bengals
Show Details44min 23s
49ers Win in OT vs Bengals
Show Details28min 22s
49ers vs Bengals Scouting & Preview
Show Details1hr 2min
49ers Updates and Questions
Show Details43min 29s
Where are the 49ers?
Show Details31min 14s
49ers Lose Insane Game to Seahawks
Show Details30min 27s
49ers vs Seahawks Preview/Prediction
Show Details53min 58s
Where 49ers Stack Up
Show Details44min 53s
49ers In a New Position!
Show Details49min 25s
49ers Beat Vikings Live at the Stadium
Show Details6min 28s
49ers vs Vikings Scouting/Predictions
Show Details29min 57s
Roster Moves & Hall of Fame Talk
Show Details51min 37s
49ers Are In Control!
Show Details40min 10s
49ers Destroy Jags
Show Details42min 18s
49ers vs Jaguars Scouting & Predictions
Show Details50min 14s
49ers Grades vs Rams - Episode #450
Show Details43min 11s
49ers Destroy Rams
Show Details39min 47s
49ers vs Rams Preview
Show Details47min 41s
49ers Moving Forward - Nine Games Left
Show Details41min 8s
49ers Defensive Film Study (Patreon Preview)
Show Details1hr 18min
49ers Lose Bad to Cardinals
Show Details38min 23s
49ers vs Cardinals Part II Predictions
Show Details56min 21s
49ers Reinforcements Arrive
Show Details41min 56s
49ers Trade Deadline & More
Show Details47min 29s
49ers Win vs Bears Live at the Game
Show Details6min 46s
49ers vs Bears Preview
Show Details42min 16s
49ers Injury Updates and Trey Lance Talk
Show Details48min 26s
49ers Moving Forward?
Show Details27min 23s
49ers Therapy After Colts Loss
Show Details35min 3s
49ers vs Colts Scouting & Predictions
Show Details49min 4s
49ers Injury Updates & More
Show Details39min 3s
John Lynch and QBs
Show Details58min 55s
49ers Bye Week Fixes
Show Details47min 31s
49ers How We Feeling?
Show Details40min 7s
49ers Lose to Cardinals Postgame
Show Details47min 47s
49ers vs Cardinals Scouting, Predictions & Bets of the Week
Show Details42min 15s
49ers News, Clips & More
Show Details37min 43s
Grades and Presser from 49ers Loss
Show Details40min 49s
49ers Therapy After Loss to Seahawks
Show Details45min 35s
49ers vs Seahawks Scouting/Predictions
Show Details50min 8s
49ers Offensive Film
Show Details40min 53s
49ers Grades vs Packers
Show Details48min 56s
49ers Lose to Packers
Show Details39min 30s
49ers vs Packers Scouting & Predictions
Show Details56min 24s
49ers Roster Moves & Rankings
Show Details56min 50s
Win vs Eagles and Updates
Show Details32min 32s
49ers Beat Eagles
Show Details7min 30s
49ers vs Eagles Scouting Report and Predictoins
Show Details39min 33s
AiyukGate and 49ers News
Show Details47min 23s
Grading the 49ers Week 1 Win
Show Details30min 16s
49ers Win vs Lions But...
Show Details50min 4s
49ers vs Lions Scouting Report & Predictions
Show Details38min 25s
49ers vs Lions
Show Details40min 24s
Week One is Here!
Show Details41min 33s
49ers Practice Squad and More
Show Details56min 30s
49ers 53-Man Roster
Show Details47min 15s
49ers vs Raiders Postgame
Show Details39min 9s
49ers Cuts & Stock Up/Down
Show Details53min 27s
49ers vs Chargers Postgame
Show Details27min 48s
Vs Chiefs Wrap Up & Transactions
Show Details45min 8s
49ers vs Chiefs Postgame
Show Details10min 51s
49ers Training Camp Notes
Show Details46min 30s
49ers Open Practice and QB Talk
Show Details54min 13s
49ers Go Full Pads
Show Details56min 58s
Trey Lance and Camp Update
Show Details49min 15s
Episode #400 and Training Camp
Show Details54min 15s
49ers Training Camp is Here!
Show Details46min 51s
49ers Best/Worst Head Coaches, GMs, and Owners of All-Time
Show Details1hr 4min
49ers Hot Takes and Q&A
Show Details59min 58s
49ers Offensive Stat Projections
Show Details49min 2s
Offensive Roster Projection
Show Details23min 24s
All-Time Greatest 49ers
Show Details1hr 10min
Austin Watkins and More
Show Details45min 6s
ALL NFC West Offensive Team
Show Details32min 6s
Elijah Mitchell and More
Show Details35min 36s
Talanoa Hufanga and More
Show Details40min 30s
Crossover with 49ers Cutback
Show Details38min 47s
Therapy and Deommodore Lenoir
Show Details50min 43s
Julio Trade and NFL Power Rankings
Show Details47min 2s
Jaylon Moore Evaluation
Show Details43min 20s
49ers Rush Welcomes Vish Kumaran
Show Details53min 46s
49ers Rush Top 10
Show Details28min 5s
Kyle Shanahan and OTAs
Show Details50min 14s
49ers Afternoon Q&A
Show Details43min 44s
Ambry Thomas and More
Show Details43min 38s
Eric Crocker Joins Us to Talk 49ers CBs and WRs
Show Details43min 39s
49ers Crossover Part 2 with Jason Aponte
Show Details57min 50s
49ers Schedule Release
Show Details43min 14s
49ers Draft and More with Jason Aponte
Show Details43min 42s
Trey Sermon and More
Show Details55min 56s
Aaron Banks and Q&A
Show Details49min 55s
49ers Draft Summary and Press Conference
Show Details53min 2s
Trey Lance is the QB of the Future
Show Details32min 49s
49ers Pre-Draft Press Conference and More
Show Details40min 30s
Draft Rumors and Positional Rankings
Show Details1hr 3min
Final Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details1hr 2min
Draft Favorites and NFL Draft Book
Show Details41min 43s
49ers Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details57min 21s
Draft Mistakes and Lessons Learned
Show Details1hr 6min
2nd Round Targets and More
Show Details48min 22s
For and Against Each QB
Show Details59min 52s
49ers Trade Up!
Show Details25min 14s
Round 3 of Free Agency
Show Details52min 47s
Free Agency Round Two
Show Details44min 6s
49ers Free Agency
Show Details46min 23s
Trent Williams, Comp Picks, and Draft WRs
Show Details47min 17s
49ers Mount Rushmore and Past 1st Rounders Ranked
Show Details46min 29s
49ers Two Round Mock Draft with Trades and JJ Watt News
Show Details28min 56s
49ers Free Agency Predictions
Show Details49min 14s
Salary Cap Updates and "What If's"
Show Details47min 15s
V-Day Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details45min 10s
49ers Salary Cap and NFL Draft Trades
Show Details44min 10s
49ers 7 Round Mock Draft
Show Details40min 46s
49ers Options After Matt Stafford Trade
Show Details40min 31s
Matt Stafford and the NFL Draft
Show Details42min 28s
49ers Mock Draft and Nick Bosa Jersey Giveaway
Show Details39min 57s
49ers Moves and NFL Draft CBs
Show Details45min 9s
49ers QB Options in the NFL Draft
Show Details45min 44s
49ers Lose to Seahawks 26-23
Show Details37min 57s
The Definition of Faithful
Show Details24min 57s
49ers Updates
Show Details33min 44s
49ers Beat Cardinals 20-12
Show Details47min 15s
Merry Christmas Faithful
Show Details43min 14s
CJ Beathard and Josh Rosen
Show Details42min 7s
49ers Reach New Low
Show Details34min 12s
49ers vs Cowboys Preview
Show Details43min 54s
49ers Stay Calm in the Pocket
Show Details45min 8s
49ers Check Up
Show Details37min 49s
Its Officially 49ers Draft Season
Show Details48min 10s
49ers vs Washington Preview and Predictions
Show Details54min 8s
49ers Report Card
Show Details40min 46s
Can the 49ers Win Them All
Show Details43min 20s
49ers Lose to Bills 34-24
Show Details30min 37s
49ers vs Bills Preview and Predictions
Show Details56min 41s
49ers Defense is Back
Show Details40min 29s
49ers Head to Arizona
Show Details36min 52s
49ers Win vs Rams
Show Details43min 45s
49ers vs Rams Prediction
Show Details38min 56s
49ers Rookie Review
Show Details42min 19s
49ers Top 5 of 2020
Show Details47min 25s
Film Study on 49ers Defense
Show Details1hr 7min
49ers Updates and Takk McKinley
Show Details45min 55s
49ers Lose to Saints
Show Details40min 22s
49ers vs Saints Preview
Show Details50min 39s
49ers Offensive Film Study
Show Details1hr 13min
49ers Updates
Show Details42min 30s
Packers Beat 49ers JV Team
Show Details38min 57s
49ers vs Packers Preview and Live Covid Surprise
Show Details42min 1s
Kwon Alexander Traded, Cap Updates, and Injury News
Show Details1hr 2min
49ers Lose to Seahawks
Show Details48min 15s
49ers vs Seahawks Preview and Predictions
Show Details59min 57s
49ers Get Players Back from IR
Show Details52min 59s
49ers Updates and Matt Barrows
Show Details43min 42s
49ers Destroy Patriots
Show Details53min 11s
49ers vs Patriots Preview and Predictions
Show Details54min 46s
49ers Trade and Defensive Ranks
Show Details49min 12s
49ers Offense Back on Track?
Show Details56min 11s
49ers Beat Rams 24-16
Show Details54min 1s
49ers vs Rams Preview
Show Details42min 13s
49ers Report Cards
Show Details1hr 6min
49ers Updates
Show Details52min 28s
49ers get Baptized by Dolphins
Show Details58min 16s
49ers vs Dolphins Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details1hr 4min
49ers Updates and Defensive Ranks
Show Details1hr 2min
49ers Offensive Issues Explained
Show Details59min 19s
49ers Lose to Eagles
Show Details43min 13s
49ers vs Eagles Predictions and Scouting Report
Show Details1hr 12min
49ers Defensive Grades and Roster Updates
Show Details50min
49ers Injury Updates and Offensive Breakdown
Show Details55min 6s
49ers Destroy Giants
Show Details45min 43s
49ers vs Giants Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details46min 3s
49ers Injury Updates and Defensive Report Card
Show Details51min 1s
49ers Offensive Report Card and Updates
Show Details48min 38s
49ers Beat the Jets but at What Cost?
Show Details40min 24s
49ers vs Jets Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details55min 36s
Richard Sherman Goes on IR and More
Show Details40min 9s
49ers Sign Mohamed Sanu and More
Show Details57min 29s
49ers Lose to Cardinals Week 1
Show Details40min 6s
49ers vs Cardinals Predictions
Show Details48min 54s
49ers vs Cardinals Defensive Scouting Report
Show Details46min 44s
49ers News and Practice Squad
Show Details35min 28s
49ers Final 53-Man Roster
Show Details59min 20s
49ers Training Camp Updates and More
Show Details58min 29s
49ers Defensive Roster Projection
Show Details36min 49s
49ers Roster Prediction and News
Show Details41min 48s
The Quest for Six Chapter 1 Nick Bosa
Show Details23min 33s
49ers First Practice Report
Show Details44min 40s
George KittleExtension
Show Details8min 20s
Training Camp Updates and Nick Bosa Jersey Giveaway
Show Details51min 1s
Press Conferences and The Quest for Six Announcement
Show Details43min 16s
49ers Training Camp Begins and Jordan Reed Signed
Show Details58min 42s
Jamal Adams Trade and News
Show Details42min 18s
Offensive Position Battles and News
Show Details47min 22s
Jimmy G on 3rd Downs, News, and Giveaways
Show Details58min 7s
4th and Gold Podcast Joins 49ers Rush
Show Details46min 51s
49ers Roster Analysis with Blue and Red Chip Players
Show Details58min 28s
Deebo Foot Injury and All Decade Team for the NFC West
Show Details53min 55s
NFC West ALL Pro Team
Show Details46min 11s
49ers Question Satchel and How to Hang with Jerry Rice
Show Details38min 42s
New NFL Rules and More
Show Details43min 21s
JaMycal Hasty UDFA RB Breakdown and Question Satchel
Show Details35min 31s
UDFA Jonas Griffith Interview and Film
Show Details36min 9s
Best of Rush Top 10
Show Details23min 24s
49ers Schedule Breakdown and Q&A
Show Details45min 9s
NFL Power Rankings with Ari from My Sports Update
Show Details48min 46s
Jauan Jenning Breakdown and Q&A
Show Details25min 55s
Colton McKivitz and Charle Woerner Breakdowns
Show Details38min 31s
First Best of Rush Show
Show Details23min 34s
Trent Williams Film and Background
Show Details28min 11s
49ers Draft Recap
Show Details40min 36s
Brandon Aiyuk Film and Background
Show Details32min 58s
Javon Kinlaw Film and Background
Show Details39min
Last Mock Draft and Drinking Game
Show Details37min 10s
NFL Draft Q&A
Show Details42min 5s
49ers News and Two Favorite Players from each Round
Show Details55min 26s
NFL Draft Defensive Tiers
Show Details47min 22s
NFL Draft Offensive Tiers and Jimmy G Jersey Giveaway
Show Details51min 7s
The People's Mock Draft
Show Details51min 22s
49ers NFL Draft History Report
Show Details40min 36s
NFL Draft Big Board Top 31
Show Details38min 23s
First Round NFL Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details44min 49s
Reverse Mock Draft and 49ers Free Agency Updates
Show Details37min 35s
2 Hour 49ers Podcast: Quarantine Special
Show Details2hr 2min
NFL Draft: Kristian Fulton vs CJ Henderson and 49ers Free Agent Updates
Show Details35min 57s
Arik Armstead Deal and Deforest Buckner Trade #241
Show Details42min 32s
7 Round 49ers Mock Draft with Trades
Show Details34min 46s
Justin Jefferson, Denzel Mims, and Donovan Peoples-Jones and some Salary Cap Talk #239
Show Details42min
7 New Contracts and Draft Q&A
Show Details49min 37s
NFL Draft- CeeDee Lamb vs Jerry Jeudy
Show Details23min 13s
Mock Draft #1
Show Details38min 27s
NFL Draft - Grant Delpit vs Xavier McKinney
Show Details31min 17s
Last Look at 2019 49ers Season
Show Details32min 17s
Live from Miami after Super Bowl Loss.
Show Details6min 32s
Every Super Bowl Starter Ranked
Show Details31min 28s
Super Bowl Predicitions and Keys to the Game
Show Details42min 16s
49ers Super Bowl Timeline
Show Details46min 7s
How to Attack Patrick Mahomes Plus Super Bowl Party Announcement
Show Details40min 24s
Super Bowl - Chiefs Defensive Preview
Show Details35min 52s
Chiefs Offense Film Breakdown
Show Details32min 55s
Super Bowl Edition- 49ers Defensive Breakdown
Show Details45min 29s
Super Bowl Q&A and Offensive Film
Show Details45min 47s
49ers are Super Bowl Bound Baby
Show Details35min 14s
NFC Championship Predictions
Show Details33min 46s
Nick Bosa wins Rookie of the Year and More Packers Talk
Show Details47min 56s
49ers vs Packers Preview with Q and A
Show Details41min 15s
49ers Destroy Vikings Reaction Show
Show Details51min 13s
49ers vs Vikings - Keys to the Game and Predictions
Show Details45min 26s
49ers Injury Updates and Vikings Defensive Film Study
Show Details38min 26s
49ers vs Vikings Preview with Ronnie Lott Jersey Giveaway
Show Details23min 54s
49ers vs Vikings the Stage is Set
Show Details31min 25s
49ers Top 15 Plays of the Year
Show Details28min 9s
All Pro Team and Practice Updates
Show Details27min 44s
49ers Question Satchel and Offensive Highlights
Show Details36min 45s
49ers Clinch #1 Seed and Beat Seahawks
Show Details35min 23s
49ers vs Seahawks - Preview, Predictions, and More
Show Details47min 3s
49ers Defensive Breakdown and Faithful Christmas Poem
Show Details28min 39s
49ers Updates for Week 17
Show Details35min 52s
49ers Win a Close One vs Rams 34-31
Show Details40min 27s
49ers vs Rams Predictions
Show Details42min 25s
49ers Defensive Issues and Rams Injury Updates
Show Details38min 24s
49ers Offensive Issues and Injury Updates
Show Details35min 18s
49ers Lose to Falcons
Show Details38min 47s
49ers vs Falcons Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details42min 22s
49ers Defensive Issues
Show Details41min 20s
49ers Offensive Breakdown and Roster Updates
Show Details38min 40s
Episode #200 49ers Win Game of the Year vs Saints
Show Details37min 4s
49ers vs Saints - Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details45min 10s
49ers Defensive Breakdown and Injury Updates
Show Details31min 32s
49ers Offensive Breakdown and Playoffs Scenarios
Show Details38min 40s
49ers Lose to Ravens 20-17
Show Details24min 46s
49ers vs Ravens Scouting Report with Predictions
Show Details37min 59s
49ers Defense Breakdown and Ravens Preview
Show Details21min 56s
49ers Offensive Breakdown and Updates
Show Details28min 43s
49ers Destroy Packers
Show Details18min 15s
49ers vs Packers - Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details43min 24s
49ers Offensive Breakdown and Injury Updates
Show Details33min 46s
49ers Offensive Breakdown and Updates
Show Details38min 2s
49ers Win 36-26 vs Cardinals
Show Details33min 28s
49ers vs Cardinals - Injuries and Predictions
Show Details37min 15s
49ers Defense and Injury Updates
Show Details39min
49ers Injury Updates and Offensive Problems
Show Details40min 14s
49ers Lose in Overtime to Seattle
Show Details26min 32s
Seahawks Scouting Report, Keys to the Game, and Predictions
Show Details49min 45s
49ers Report Card Halfway through the Season
Show Details51min 4s
49ers vs Cards Recap and Injury Updates
Show Details39min 4s
49ers Win vs Cardinals 28-25
Show Details32min 7s
Cardinals Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details48min 35s
49ers Defensive Breakdown
Show Details43min 47s
49ers Offensive Breakdown vs Panthers
Show Details32min 56s
49ers Destroy Panthers 51-13
Show Details50min 32s
49ers vs Panthers Scouting Report
Show Details47min 20s
Emmanuel Sanders Trade
Show Details38min 37s
49ers Offensive Breakdown vs Redskins
Show Details27min 53s
49ers Beat Redskins Improve to 6-0
Show Details31min 41s
49ers vs Redskins Scouting Report
Show Details49min 7s
49ers Defensive Breakdown
Show Details36min 6s
49ers Offensive Breakdown vs Rams
Show Details34min 56s
49ers Beat the Rams 20-7
Show Details34min 44s
49ers vs Rams Scouting Report and Predictions
Show Details34min 54s
Defensive Breakdown of Browns Win
Show Details42min 57s
Mike McGlinchey Injury and Offensive Breakdown
Show Details35min 17s
49ers Destroy Browns Reaction Show
Show Details31min 18s
49ers vs Browns Scouting Report and Prediction
Show Details45min 39s
49ers Report Card
Show Details38min 41s
49ers Great Eric Davis Interview
Show Details21min 4s
NFC West Update
Show Details20min 34s
49ers Defensive Breakdown
Show Details28min 19s
Offensive Breakdown of 49ers vs Steelers
Show Details38min 59s
49ers Win 24-20 vs Steelers Reaction Show
Show Details35min 46s
49ers vs Steelers Scouting Report
Show Details41min 6s
49ers Defensive Breakdown Week 2
Show Details31min 34s
49ers Offensive Breakdown vs the Bengals
Show Details32min 45s
49ers Destroy Bengals
Show Details33min 49s
Bengals Preview and Scouting Report
Show Details36min 41s
Defensive Breakdown Bucs
Show Details36min 17s
Offensive Breakdown of 49ers Win vs Bucs
Show Details40min 4s
49ers win 31-17 over Bucs - Reaction Show
Show Details29min 44s
Buccaneers Scouting Report and News
Show Details26min 10s
49ers Depth Chart and Question Satchel
Show Details35min 6s
Practice Squad and Injury Updates
Show Details25min 26s
49ers Final 53 Man Roster Breakdown
Show Details25min 20s
Final Roster Predictions with Percentages on Every Player
Show Details33min 8s
49ers vs Chargers Breakdown and Reaction
Show Details22min 33s
49ers Defensive Breakdown vs Chiefs
Show Details38min 35s
49ers Offensive Breakdown vs Chiefs
Show Details39min 12s
8-22-19 Defensive Snaps, Grades, and Breakdown of 49ers Win over Broncos
Show Details28min 35s
Complete Offensive Breakdown of 49ers Win Over Broncos
Show Details33min 13s
49ers Beat Broncos -Recap Show
Show Details27min 44s
49ers and Broncos Joint Practices and Final Camp Report
Show Details20min 28s
Practice and Injury Report with Defensive Grades
Show Details27min 27s
Insane Offensive Breakdown vs Cowboys
Show Details34min 49s
49ers Beat the Cowboys in First Preseason Game
Show Details31min 24s
49ers Final Camp Report and Cowboys Game Primer
Show Details28min 2s
Nick Bosa Injury Update and 49ers Release First Depth Chart
Show Details29min 46s
49ers 53-Man Roster Projection and Camp Update
Show Details24min 27s
49ers Training Camp Update - Weekend Edition
Show Details30min 14s
49ers Training Camp Update- Stock Up and Stock Down
Show Details31min 14s
Training Camp Update Days 2 and 3
Show Details25min 30s
49ers First Training Camp Breakdown
Show Details29min 48s
49ers Training Camp Question Satchel
Show Details26min 31s
Training Camp Offensive Positional Battles and Injuries Update
Show Details31min 42s
Robbie Gould Contract and Defensive Training Camp Battles
Show Details30min 17s
49ers Worst Draft Picks over Last 20 Years
Show Details24min 9s
49ers Best Draft Picks over Last 20 Years
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Crossover with NFL Express and NFC Position Rankings
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49ers Positional Tiers and NFC West History Report
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49ers Question Satchel and Vegas Odds
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2019 49ers Offensive Stat Projections
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49ers OTA Updates, CBA breakdown, and more Mailbag
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49ers 53-Man Roster Projection and OTAs Practice Reports
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49ers Mailbag
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OTAs, Top 25 Players, and Joe Montana Jersey Winner
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49ers Select Kaden Smith, Justin Skule, and Tim Harris
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49ers Select Mitch Wishnowsky and Dre Greenlaw
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Know Your Enemy - NFC West Draft Breakdown
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49ers Select Jalen Hurd at #67
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49ers Select Deebo Samuel at #36
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49ers Select Nick Bosa at #2
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Three Round Mock Draft with Trades
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NFL Draft Mailbag Questions
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49ers Schedule Release and Breakdown
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John Lynch Draft Day Trades and Visits Tracker
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New Two Round NFL Mock Draft
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Deforest Buckner Jersey Giveaway, NFL Draft Book, and More
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NFL Draft - Interior Offensive Lineman Breakdown
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NFL Draft Breakdown - Defensive Tackles
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NFL Draft Offensive Tackles and Draft Mailbag
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Two Round Mock Draft with Trades
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NFL Draft Safeties Breakdown and Draft Mailbag
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NFL Draft Cornerbacks Part 2
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NFL Draft Cornerbacks - Byron Murphy vs Greedy Williams vs Rock Ya-Sin
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Dee Ford Trade
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NFL Draft WRs Tier 2 Breakdown
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Combine Winners/Losers and Kelvin Harmon vs D.K. Metcalf vs Marquise Brown
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NFL Mock Draft Part 2
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NFL Mock Draft Part 1 with Trades and Compensation
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NFL Draft - Jaylon Ferguson vs Montez Sweat vs Rashan Gary
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NFL Draft - Clelin Ferrell vs Jachai Polite vs Brian Burns
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Nick Bosa vs Josh Allen - Scouting Reports and Scheme Fits
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49ers Off-Season Calendar and Trade Rumors
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49ers vs Bears - Niners Lose a Close One in Week 16
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49ers Beat the Seahawks in Overtime 26-23
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49ers vs Seahawks - Breakdown of Dante Pettis and More
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49ers vs Buccs Loss - Breakdown, MVPs, and Draft Talk
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Reuben Foster is released
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49ers vs Buccs Preview and Giveaway
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49ers vs Giants - Breakdown of the Loss
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49ers Win vs Raiders by a lot!
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49ers vs Raiders Preview with @CadieuxClayton
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49ers Lose to Cardinals and Robert Saleh Rant
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49ers vs Los Angeles Rams Preview with @CadieuxClayton
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49ers Loss to the Packers Breakdown
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49ers vs Packers Preview with @JJGosh
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49ers vs Cardinals - 49ers lose 28-18 Complete Game Breakdown
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49ers vs Cardinals - Preview and Cards Scouting Report with Injury Updates
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49ers vs Chargers- Defensive and OLine Breakdown in 49ers Loss
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CJ Beathard and George Kittle Shine but 49ers Loss to Chargers- Offensive Breakdown
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49ers vs Chargers Preview- Plus Roster Moves and Injury Updates
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Jimmy Garoppolo Injury and Complete Breakdown of 49ers vs Chiefs Loss
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49ers vs Chiefs Preview- Plus Top Graded Players Through Two Weeks
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49ers vs Lions -Defensive Breakdown on the Niners 1st Win
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49ers Win vs Lions- Complete Offensive Breakdown
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49ers vs Lions Preview- News, Injuries, and Scout @CadieuxClayton Breaks it all Down
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49ers Defensive Breakdown in Vikings loss- Deforest Buckner and Fred Warner were great!
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Offensive Breakdown of the 49ers Loss to the Vikings
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Vikings Preview with our scout @Cadieuxclayton
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Jerick McKinnon is gone & all the roster updates after cuts!
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Richard Sherman and the Defensive Breakdown for the 49ers vs Colts
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49ers vs Colts Loss- Jimmy Garoppolo and the Offensive Breakdown
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49ers Defensive Breakdown in the loss to the Texans
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49ers Lose to the Texans 16-13. Offensive Breakdown
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49ers vs Texans Practice Report and Primer for 2nd Preseason Game
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Defensive Analysis in the 49ers Preseason Win vs the Cowboys
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49ers Beat the Cowboys 24-21 Offensive Breakdown
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Jerry Rice Giveaway and OLine Breakdown
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Dante Pettis is on Fire and the Tight Ends Breakdown
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Jimmy Garoppolo Camp Updates and the WR Positional Breakdown
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49ers Training Camp Notes and RB Position Breakdown
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Training Camp Time and NTs
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DeForest Buckner and the DE/DT Hybrids
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49ers Weakest Position the Outside Edge Rusher LEO/SAM
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Reuben Foster and the inside LBs
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Richard Sherman and the 49ers' Corners Breakdown
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Safety Breakdown- Who is in/out of the 53-Man Roster
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Jimmy Garoppolo and the QBs-Positional Breakdown
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Top 20 49ers Moving Forward
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Dante Pettis Background, Breakdown, and Scheme Fit
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Mike McGlinchey Background, Film Breakdown, and Scheme Fit
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Live from Dallas-McGlinchey, Brown trade, Tartt extension, and best available
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7 Round Mock with Trades and Schedule Release
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Full 1st Round Mock Draft with @HostChuckB
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49ers Big Board for the NFL Draft
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49ers' Draft Needs and Denzel Ward vs Josh Jackson
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Salary Cap, Free Agents, and Jimmy G
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Wk16 49ers win vs Jaguars and Merry Christmas
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WK15 49ers win vs Titans! Jimmy G and Robbie G save the day
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49ers win! WK14 vs Texans and now we have a win streak.
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WK13 vs Bears. 49ers win and Robbie Gould dominates his old team
Show Details25min 18s
WK12 vs Seahawks loss and hats off to CJ!
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WK11 bye week nerd alert
Show Details32min 29s
WK10 vs Giants 49ers win and CJ Beathard dominates
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49ers vs Cardinals loss but Reuban Foster is a BEAST!
Show Details23min 39s
Jimmy Garoppolo and the other top 5 49ers + the Browns suck!
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49ers vs Cowboys loss and why I am sad
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49ers vs Redskins loss and welcome to CJ Beathard time!
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49ers week 5 vs Colts loss and I still love you Frank Gore
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49ers vs Arizona loss recap and why Rashard Robinson lost his Christmas card
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Week 3 49ers vs Rams great game but still a loss
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49ers vs Seahawks loss and things to make you feel better faithful
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49ers vs Panthers WK1 23-3 loss breakdown
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49ers' 53 man roster is set
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49ers preseason game #3 vs Vikings breakdown
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Preseason game 2 review
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Preseason game 1 review
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Training camp battles on offense
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UDFA Lorenzo Jerome, Matt Breida and Cole Hikutini
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49ers late round picks DJ Jones, Pita Taumoepenu and Adrian Colbert
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Trent Taylor 49ers' new WR aka Mighty Mouse
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George Kittle
Show Details23min 2s
Joe Williams
Show Details24min 45s
CJ Beathard
Show Details19min 4s
Ahkello Witherspoon
Show Details13min 16s
Reuban Foster Part 2
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Reuben Foster Part 1
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Solomon Thomas and John Lynch's greatness
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