Structurally Sound w/ Dr. Jason Alviene

The show is about how people continue to use their body and mind at a high level. What is it that they do differently to keep them going day after day without fatigue and injury. I will bring my business into it as keeping the structure of the body in great position and how to make sure you use the mind to make the right decisions.


Mitchell Family Chiropractic with Dr. Mitchell
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Harmony Holistic Beauty With Stephanie Bevilacqua
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Kanner & Pintaluga PIP With Jensen Grant
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Poseidon’s Botanicals With Doug and Jonathan Rosenbaum
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Pause Kava Bar with CEO Chloe Hill
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Palm Beach VegFest with Courtney Mitchell
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Flex Bites With Founder Lexi Lee
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Licensed Chiropractor Dr. Tony Brooks
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Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant With Heather Wright R.T.(R) ARRT CHN
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Hydreight with Area Administrator Jessica Friedman
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Medicine Recovery Performance With Michael Petrarca
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Representing Plaintiffs In Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and more With Max Erd
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Real Estate Team Leader Michael Nathanson
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Optimize Your Health & Well-Being With Dr. Ronnie Galison
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