#10 - Benefits of strength training as we age

20m | Aug 20, 2021

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In the 10th Episode of the Moore With Devin show, Devin will talk about aesthetics vs performance, the power of prevention, let’s use momentum and how you can improve your aesthetics if you focus on your health and wellness.

Join us in this insightful and captivating episode!

In this chapter you will discover:

(0:30) Today’s topic

(1:00) Aesthetic or performance? 

(1:30) “It’s better to start now and keep it going” - Devin Moore

(2:00) “Aging is like being at a fork in the road” - Devin Moore

(2:40) “It’s not about just trying to work in your balance, your muscle tissue and your strength has a big correlation to your balance and your ability to move around in an independent way” - Devin Moore

(4:30) The power of prevention

(4:50) Let’s use momentum

(5:10) Old lady with great health, real story

(7:30) “You can have a whole bunch of money in the bank, but if you can’t move around, that money isn’t really going to do anything for you”  - Devin Moore

(8:00) You don’t need too much intensity

(8:40) Don’t just focus on losing weight, focus on changing your body composition

(9:10) What is insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity?

(9:40) Heart health and mortality rate

(10:20) “Some people think lifting weights will make you less flexible, but if you lift the right weight, you can become more flexible and strong” - Devin Moore

(11:00) “You’re either moving towards health or your moving towards disease” - Devin Moore

(11:20) Everything has a cost and you will pay the price

(12:12) One of the major causes of death is weak bones

(13:00) You can travel and live an awesome life if you do this

(13:10) Cardiovascular health

(13:50) HIIT can help you with depressive symptoms and type 2 diabetes

(14:50) Longevity over aesthetic aspects

(17:50) “You can improve your aesthetics if you focus on your health and wellness” - Devin Moore

(18:20) “Little by little you will get better” - Devin Moore


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