#11 - Train Like An Athlete, Live Like A Boss

29m | Aug 27, 2021

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In the 11th Episode of the Moore With Devin show, Devin will talk about eating for a particular workout, how to know if your tendons are strong and how to find your purpose in life.

Join us in this insightful and captivating episode!

In this chapter you will discover:


(0:45) Training like an athlete, living like a boss

(1:00) Devin 10 years ago?

(1:10) Devin loved bodybuilding since he was a little kid

(2:30) “I made the decision to show up and stay in the stage” - Devin Moore

(3:20) “Continue to open yourself to new opportunities” - Devin Moore

(3:50) “When you embody the type of person that you chose to be, you start to find a way to create that reality that you see in your mind” - Devin Moore

(5:00) “Grow into the person that you want to be” - Devin Moore

(5:20) Shout out to my boys

(6:30) What to do when you start questioning yourself

(7:30) Being nervous is ok

(9:00) “It was just deep desire inside me that pushed me to pursue something i had no clue how to achieve” - Devin Moore

(9:30) “You don’t have to know that you can do it for sure, you just need to believe it’s possible” - Les Brown @thelesbrown

(10:00) Eating for a particular workout?

(11:50) How to know if your tendons are strong enough?

(14:00) How to discover your purpose in life?

(16:00) “Purpose is what you are supposed to do to help humanity grow” - Devin Moore

(17:10) “Get rid of the things that are not in alignment with who you really are” - Devin Moore

(18:00) “If you actually start being yourself, you will be unstoppable” - Devin Moore 

(18:20) “Say yes when you really mean yes and say no when you really mean no” - Devin Moore

(20:00) An expert is always 3 steps ahead of you

(20:50) It takes courage to really be yourself

(22:40) Train like an athlete and live like a Boss

(25:00) “Allow yourself to be intentional with your growth” - Devin Moore

(26:40) “You don’t need to wait to have back pain to take care of your health” - Devin Moore

(29:00) What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!


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