#9 - Building blocks to health OR building blocks to disease

19m | Aug 20, 2021

#9 - Building blocks to health OR building blocks to disease

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In the 9th Episode of the Moore With Devin show, Devin will talk about wellness, processed foods, body degeneration, longevity and what it means to build blocks to health VS build blocks to disease.

Join us in this insightful and captivating episode!

In this chapter you will discover:

(1:20) What this will episode be about

(1:51) “You’re either building blocks to your health or your building blocks to disease” - Devin Moore

(2:40) The healthy decisions that you make really matter

(3:00) What wellness means

(3:50) Eat, move and think

(4:10) Are processed foods good for our health?

(4:50) What is causing degeneration of our bodies?

(5:00) “Sometimes you don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge, if you choose to eat lean proteins, vegetables and fruits on a consistent level, it will be very difficult for you to overeat” - Devin Moore

(5:00) Consistency matters

(5:50) “If you get a good foundation of eating properly, in a consistent basis, everything else is gonna work itself out” - Devin Moore

(6:30) Longevity, focus on the big picture

(6:50) Big shout out to LeBron James @kingjames

(7:00) “Focus on taking care of your body from a place of wellness” - Devin Moore

(7:40) “What you put into your body is the greatest investment you can even make” - Devin Moore

(9:00) Simple healthy habits that will change your life: Lean proteins, macronutrients, water , sodium and stay away from fast food

(10:30) Never vegetable oils

(11:50) “Some people say you are what you eat, but you are what you absorb” - Devin Moore

(12:20) Is gluten messing up our gut health?

(13:00) What could mess up with our body’s ability to absorb nutrients?

(14:00) Fast Food: Over Consuming calories, under consuming nutrients

(15:20) “Sometimes we get so used to an unhealthy lifestyle that we can feel it’s normal” - Devin Moore

(15:45) Start with something simple: 80% of the time, choose to eat and take care of your body from a place of wellness and vitality

(16:10) “If you focus on health and wellness, you will lose weight as a side effect” - Devin Moore

(16:35) Calorie deficit? When you can eat McDonalds and still lose weight

(16:40) If you eat lots of veggies, foods high in volume and nutrient content, it will be difficult for you to overeat

(18:00) Make good decisions and live longer


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