#2 - Moore with Devin Show

Season 1 | Episode 2
21m | Jul 30, 2021

Question 1

How do you get your clients to change their mindset about weight loss versus fat loss and achieving optimal body composition?


Understanding weight loss is muscle and fat. Caloric deficit is needed for weight loss or, losing water weight which isnt long term 

Fat loss is when primarily fat is lost and muscle is retained.  

  This happens through strength training, adequate protein consumption and being in a deficit.

Question 2

What's the best steps to take when working to lose belly fat


Caloric deficit 

Question 3

Does having tight hamstrings affect glutes? What exercises can help with tight hamstrings?


Weak glutes and inactive glutes 

Hamstrings Weakness – when a muscle is weak (eg from underuse) the nervous system may tighten it in an attempt to create stability

Injury – when a muscle is injured it may tighten in order to prevent further injury

Pelvic problems – anterior tilt 

Tight hip flexors can create an anterior pelvic tilt (a forward, downturned pelvis), resulting in tight hamstrings. In other words, a pelvic tilt can cause tightness, but tightness can also cause a pelvic tilt. 

Question 4

1)Should I disclose my medications to my trainer?

  1. This is a personal decision that is based off your relationship with your trainer.

2) Should I workout under stress?

Depends on if the stress is physical or mental and to what degree you are stressed.

3) What are some simple things we can add into our daily routine, outside of the gym, to see faster results?


Doing fun activities that involve movement 

4) Is it good to have a cheat day?

  1. When you are really low body fat and need a diet breaks
  2. For psychological reasons to break the monotony 

5) Do you have any advice for people who struggle with sticking to their meal plan/diet?

  1. Figure out your defintine purpose, your why. What is your deep rooted reason you are doing what you are doing. Get clear about it.

6) How do you maintain a fitness mindset?

  1.  Make it something you enjoy by doing things that bring joy. That's the key



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