#16 - Emotional hunger

33m | Sep 23, 2021

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In the 16th Episode of the Moore With Devin show, Devin will talk about taking responsibility for your emotions and relationships, losing weight while having a couple of drinks, calorie deficit and types of hunger.

Join us in this insightful and captivating episode!

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In this chapter you will discover:


0:50 Taking responsibility for our life and relationships

1:20 “Nothing will change until you change” - Devin Moore

1:40 “Take responsibility for how you feel and how you choose to react” - Devin Moore

4:10 What are thoughts on having a couple drinks and losing weight? 

4:50 Cut out extra sugars and choose alcohols with lower sugar

5:30 You can lose weight and still have a couple of drinks

7:40 Can you share a good diet for leaning out? 

8:00 Calorie deficit is first

9:40 I have been trying to watch my sugar intake and I just looked at how much sugar is in an apple and in one nature's promise organic gala apple there are 16 grams of sugar. Do I need to be careful of how many apples I eat?

12:00 Don’t worry about eating too many apples?

14:00 What are some of your favorite benefits of working out?

17:40 “Success leaves clues”

18:40 Do you have a favorite meal replacement bar that has adequate protein, low in calories, and no trans fats that tastes good without sugar alcohols?

19:50 Are there any substitutions that make your favorite foods more like real food? 

20:20 Focus on nutrient dense foods

20:40 Keep it simple, don’t get obsessed with food

22:30 I have been trying to eat really clean for the past few days, and I am starving. Any recommendations?

22:40 3 Types of hunger: thirsty, emotional hunger, physical hunger

25:00 If hungry, i’d focus on raw foods more than milkshakes

27:00 Staying away from all processed foods?

27:30 Make sure you get enough nutrients and minerals

28:20 How to fix hunger: Focus your water intake is in place, make sure you’re fit emotionally and focus on protein, high volume of veggies and nutrient dense supplements

29:10 What are the keys to staying motivated when I have a lot of weight to lose? 

29:40 Avoid instant gratification and work in benchmarks

30:40 Find a rhythm of training you can keep consistent as a lifestyle and get a coach


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