#3 - Moore with Devin Show

Season 1 | Episode 3
21m | Jul 30, 2021

Question 1

Hi Devin, how many grams of protein does the body need daily. What is the best time of day to consume it? Is it based upon the time of day u workout?

Question 2

How do I maximize my weight loss per month?

What is the average number of pounds one can lose per month using your workouts & diet plan?

I respect people who can drink shakes, but after trying a few, I absolutely cannot drink protein shakes. What can one substitute protein shakes with?

We have seen snippets of your meal prep on DT group. Can you make a video of your meal prep from beginning to end? (including measuring and boxing for the day to day meals).

Question 3

So many protein powders on the market. What should I to look for when purchasing protein powder or protein supplements? Preferably a powder/brand that doesn’t break the bank.



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