#12 - Small Wins Matter

26m | Sep 1, 2021

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In the 12th Episode of the Moore With Devin show, Devin will talk about progressive improvement, lean protein, changing your body composition, and why you should take the time to celebrate small wins.

Join us in this insightful and captivating episode!

In this chapter you will discover:


0:50 Where to start in fitness and nutrition to move and feel well?

1:20 10,000 steps a day

1:30 Lean protein, vegetable and fruits

1:50 Progressive improvement

2:10 “Be deliberate in what you’re doing, focus on where you are and don’t be too hard on yourself” - Devin Moore

3:00 “You don’t need to lose weight to start feeling good to feel good, you can feel good right now, that is a decision within your mind” - Devin Moore

4:10 The gym is to breaking down your muscle

5:00 Shout out to my client

5:40 “If you do want to change your body composition, focus on strength training and complement with cardio” - Devin Moore

6:30 Safe way to get back to workout after a long time

7:40 Patience is key

8:00 Little by little you will get better

8:20 “Train till your mind starts to see the pain as something positive” - Devin Moore

10:20 How to work out if you’re not comfortable with some movements?

11:40 There’s multiple exercises to build specific muscles, there’s more than 1 movement

13:00 “Master the movement and be consistent” - Devin Moore

13:40 How to keep going when you feel you’re not making progress?

16:20 “Be aware of the small wins, take a time to prize yourself” - Devin Moore

16:25 “A lot of times we just want to get to the end result, that we forget to take time to smell the roses” - Devin Moore

18:30 How should I increase my protein intake?

18:50 Protein when getting older

21:30 Where do cravings come from?

22:00 “Give yourself a time to enjoy healthy foods” - Devin Moore

22:30 “Your car will be with you only for a limited time, your body will be with you forever” - Devin Moore

25:00 Shout out to my client Caroline Johnson


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