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Happy Hour - 93.7 The Ticket KNTK

Nick Sehnert and Enrique Alvarez-Clary provide their youthful energy and takes on the happenings within Nebraska and National athletics.


Husker Baseball scenarios: May 18th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 45s
Nate Rohr (Voice of Husker Softball): May 18th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 1s
Nebraska Recruiting in 2017: May 18th, 2pm
Show Details20min 31s
King of Queens (Yes, the TV Show): May 17th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 59s
Getting carded, shaving beards, and weather apps: May 17th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 54s
Mount Rushmore of 93.7 the Ticket: May 17th, 2pm
Show Details19min 55s
Nebraska vs Oklahoma Recap: May 16th, 2pm
Show Details15min 41s
Patrick Beverly is out of control: May 16th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 39s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats to Rats): May 16th, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 1s
Softball Game Distractions: May 13th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 47s
Michael Dixon (Voice of the Lincoln Saltdogs): May 13th, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 22s
Opening Segment: May 13th, 2pm
Show Details22min 42s
Anniversary of LeRoy Jenkins: May 12th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 47s
Nate Rohr (Husker Softball PxP): May 12th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 35s
Abrupt Tip Jar: May 12th, 2pm
Show Details27min 6s
Husker Softball faces Penn St. tomorrow: May 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 55s
Husker Softball Postseason Awards: May 11th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 3s
Emergency Brakes and Breaking your Back: May 11th, 2pm
Show Details26min 26s
Fantasy Football losers: May 10th, 2:45pm
Show Details3min 28s
Wan'Dale leaving is an idictment on the coaches, not him: May 10th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 53s
Dylan Raiola commits to Ohio State: May 10th, 2pm
Show Details19min 41s
Will Bolt is the Head Coach: May 9th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 3s
Evan Bland (Omaha World-Herald): May 9th, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 24s
Pest of the Weekend: May 9th, 2pm
Show Details19min 25s
Nebraska Baseball: May 5th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 24s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity): May 5th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 35s
Nobody here knows Bock: May 5th, 2pm
Show Details21min 22s
Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star): May 4th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 51s
Huskers in the NFL Draft: May 4th, 2pm
Show Details24min 53s
Young CFB Coaches: May 3rd, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 49s
Jimmy Watkins (Omaha World-Herald): May 3rd, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 58s
Update on Jordan Addison: May 3rd, 2pm
Show Details19min 31s
Jordan Addison discussion with Nate and Bock: May 2nd, 2:45pm
Show Details17min 39s
Pest of the Weekend (sponsored by Bats to Rats): May 2nd, 2pm
Show Details25min 1s
Lincoln Riley/USC trying to lure away Jordan Addison: May 2nd, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 1s
Athletes asking for NIL "Packages": April 29th, 2:45pm
Show Details17min 37s
Steve Sipple on Husker Football: April 29th, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 25s
2022 NFL Draft thoughts: April 29th, 2pm
Show Details26min 24s
2021 NFL Draft Recap: April 28th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 5s
How is CFB changing with NIL?: April 28th, 2:25pm
Show Details11min 22s
Leaders in the Nebraska Program: April 28th, 2pm
Show Details22min 39s
2020 NFL Draft Recap: April 27th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 8s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity): April 27th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 18s
Nick is anti-microwave: April 27th, 2pm
Show Details21min 24s
2019 NFL Draft: April 26th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 42s
CBB transfer market: April 26th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 24s
Nebraska Football and the Transfer Portal: April 26th, 2pm
Show Details20min 1s
Husker football recruits pt. 2-April 25th 2:45pm
Show Details13min 9s
Pest of the Weekend (sponsored by Bats to Rats)-April 25th 2pm
Show Details28min 21s
Husker Football recruits not staying on campus- April 25th 2:30pm
Show Details5min 44s
2017 NFL Draft Recap: April 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 17s
Drury Inn & Suites in Lincoln: April 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 22s
MLB Baseball Celebrations: April 22nd, 2pm
Show Details24min 59s
2016 NFL Draft: April 21st, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 36s
Nick doesn't like Goff, Nathan & Rico do: April 21st, 2022
Show Details6min 38s
Casey Rogers leaving Nebraska: April 21st, 2pm
Show Details28min 15s
This is a pretty weak NFL Draft: April 20th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 53s
Deebo Samuel requested a trade: April 20th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 38s
Nick has survived Da Bomb: April 20th, 2pm
Show Details24min 9s
Beni Ngoyi gets an offer: April 19th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 23s
Big Ten TV media rights: April 19th, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 14s
New Stadium Names/Freddie Freeman: April 19th, 2pm
Show Details18min 3s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 3
Show Details11min 36s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 2
Show Details7min 58s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 1
Show Details23min 31s
Husker Baseball vs BYU: April 14th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 24s
Nate Rohr (Husker Softball PxP): April 14th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 59s
ESPN FPI is ridiculous: April 14th, 2pm
Show Details23min 19s
Cubs Talk: April 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 50s
Spring Game Part 2: April 11th, 2:30pm
Show Details15min 32s
Husker Spring Game: April 11th, 2pm
Show Details19min 13s
RED KINGDOMMMMMM (Husker Style): April 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 25s
Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star): April 8th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 39s
Husker Baseball loses a pitcher: April 8th, 2pm
Show Details17min 36s
Nick caved in and bought MLB TV: April 7th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 54s
Baseball Talk: April 7th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 27s
Animal Talk: April 7th, 2pm
Show Details20min 15s
Mickey Joseph Sound Bytes: April 6th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 10s
Travis Fisher Sound Bytes: April 6th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 15s
Bounce Around Segment: April 6th, 2pm
Show Details26min 3s
Nick Trivia/Come to Barry's on Friday: April 5th, 2022
Show Details5min 55s
Spring Game Tickets and Expectations: April 5th, 2022
Show Details16min 1s
Spring Game Ticket Sales: April 5th, 2022
Show Details18min 58s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 3
Show Details7min 19s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 2
Show Details10min 8s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 1
Show Details25min 58s
Nick Triva/RB discussion continues: April 1st, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 54s
Nick's a little concerned with the RBs: April 1st, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 39s
NBA G-League in Omaha?: April 1st, 2pm
Show Details23min 40s
Nick Trivia: March 31st, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 28s
Nate Rohr (Voice of Husker Softball): March 31st, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 7s
MLB over/unders: March 31st, 2pm
Show Details24min 26s
Transfer Portal: March 30th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 11s
Derrick Walker returns: March 30th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 37s
Should we make a new open?: March 30th, 2pm
Show Details22min 11s
March 28, 2022-Husker Softball
Show Details5min 24s
March 28, 2022- Husker Baseball
Show Details19min 4s
March 28, 2022-Pest of the Weekend
Show Details17min 30s
iTunes and Oregon Trail: March 25th, 2:45pm
Show Details10min 35s
Trev Alberts Changes: March 25th, 3pm
Show Details20min 22s
Memorial Stadium is NOT Kid Friendly: March 25th, 2pm
Show Details19min 54s
Running Backs: March 24th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 37s
No loyalty in pro sports: March 24th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 41s
Zavier Betts no longer with the program: March 24th, 2pm
Show Details22min 31s
Nick's Trivia: March 23rd, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 52s
What does Eduardo Andre transferring mean for Nebraska?: March 23rd, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 10s
Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins: March 23rd, 2pm
Show Details21min 46s
Final Thoughts: March 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 12s
Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity): March 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 16s
Pest of the Weekend: March 22nd, 2pm
Show Details21min 26s
Final Thoughts: March 16th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 54s
Husker Baseball: March 16th, 2:25pm
Show Details10min 31s
Slow Pitch Softball Discussion: March 16th, 2pm
Show Details18min 33s
March 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 43s
March 15th, 2:25pm - Nebraska Basketball
Show Details16min 31s
March 15th, 2pm - NCAA Bracket talk
Show Details20min 16s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 3
Show Details5min
March 14th, 2022- Segment 2
Show Details15min 40s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 1
Show Details22min 14s
Dumb Science Talk: March 4th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 58s
Husker Women in B1G Tournament: March 4th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 57s
Husker Baseball: March 4th, 2pm
Show Details59min 50s
March 3rd, 2:45pm - Nick said something stupid and instantly regrets it
Show Details4min 32s
March 3rd, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details14min 42s
March 3rd, 2pm - High School Basketball/Husker WBB
Show Details22min 19s
March 2nd, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details6min 7s
March 2nd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details18min 47s
March 2nd, 2pm - IUPUI is dead/Teddy Allen is good
Show Details22min 41s
February 28th - Segment 3
Show Details24s
February 28th - Segment 2
Show Details17min 28s
February 28th-Segment 1
Show Details25min 10s
February 25th-Segment 3
Show Details5min 55s
February 25th-Segment 2
Show Details14min 51s
February 25th-Segment 1
Show Details27min 45s
February 24th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 41s
February 24th, 2:25pm - Thirsty Thursday
Show Details16min 25s
February 24th, 2pm - Tip Jar
Show Details19min 58s
Nick is Alive 02-23
Show Details6min 40s
Where does Nebraska go from here? 02-23
Show Details19min 41s
Husker Basketball Woes Continue 02-23
Show Details20min 49s
February 22nd, 2:45pm - Final Segment, Nick isn't here tomorrow
Show Details7min 12s
February 22nd, 2:25pm - Nebrasketball
Show Details17min 29s
February 22nd, 2pm - It's Nick's 21st Birthday!
Show Details24min 8s
Nick Trivia - February 21st, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 9s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity) - February 21st, 2:30pm
Show Details17min 9s
Hot Take Monday - February 21st, 2pm
Show Details20min 41s
February 18th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details5min 1s
February 18th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details21min 23s
February 18th, 2pm - Husker Baseball Opening Day
Show Details19min 31s
February 17th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details3min 34s
February 17th, 2:25pm - Evan Bland (Omaha World-Herald)
Show Details17min 11s
February 17th, 2pm - Opening Segment
Show Details25min 40s
February 16th, 2:45pm - Random MLB Players (Part 2)
Show Details7min 7s
February 16th, 2:25pm - Random MLB Players
Show Details13min 24s
February 16th, 2pm - MLB Contracts
Show Details26min 57s
February 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 31s
February 15th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 20s
February 15th, 2pm - Adrian Martinez on his podcast
Show Details20min 32s
February 14th, 2:45pm-Nick Trivia
Show Details3min 59s
February 14th, 2:30pm-Big Picture Nebrasketball
Show Details19min 57s
February 14th, 2:00pm-Super Bowl Thoughts
Show Details19min 34s
February 10th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia and Super Bowl Squares
Show Details7min 33s
February 10th, 2:25pm - Abbie Squier (Husker Softball)
Show Details11min 50s
February 10th, 2pm - Opening Segment
Show Details27min 27s
February 9th, 2:45pm - Offensive Line is not good
Show Details8min 3s
February 9th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 35s
February 9th, 2pm - Husker Baseball & Softball Season are coming!!
Show Details24min 2s
Nebrasketball - February 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 48s
Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity) - February 8th, 2:30pm
Show Details16min 2s
Alcohol at Stadiums - February 8th, 2pm
Show Details18min 3s
February 7th-Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 27s
February 7th- At least Nebraska isn't IUPUI
Show Details14min 40s
February 7th- Husker Hoops Struggles
Show Details23min 43s
February 4th- Nick Trivia and Tip Jar continued
Show Details7min 46s
February 4th-Tip Jar (response to text line questions)
Show Details14min 43s
Februrary 4th- MLB and MLBPA are still far apart in negotiations
Show Details24min 18s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details8min 8s
2:25pm - Alcohol conversations (cont.)
Show Details12min 57s
2pm - Alcohol at Nebraska Events
Show Details24min 5s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia/New Frontier League Extra Innings rules
Show Details6min 19s
2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 58s
2pm - Scott Frost audio on Nebraska's signing day
Show Details26min 21s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details2min 22s
2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 10s
2pm - Caleb Williams to USC/The Old Bob Devaney
Show Details21min 28s
January 31st, 2:45pm-Nick Trivia & Husker Volleyball picks up Penn St. transfer
Show Details6min 4s
January 31st, 2:30pm-Husker game in Ireland
Show Details13min 3s
January 31st, 2pm-Cooper Kupp for MVP
Show Details21min 26s
January 28th, 2:45pm - Have a good weekend
Show Details7min 26s
January 28th, 2:25pm - Random Thoughts
Show Details12min 41s
January 28th, 2pm - Husker Women's Basketball!
Show Details20min 9s
January 27th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia/Beatrice Bakery Giveaway
Show Details7min 43s
January 27th, 2:25pm - Former High School Stars
Show Details14min 40s
January 27th, 2pm - In-state Recruiting
Show Details17min 31s
January 26th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details4min 15s
January 26th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 27s
January 26th, 2pm - New Rivals?
Show Details19min 41s
January 25th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 38s
January 25th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 17s
January 25th, 2pm - Who takes a final shot for Nebraska?
Show Details19min 19s
January 24th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 8s
January 24th, 2:25pm - Nebraska added a defensive back over the weekend, where are they at with scholarships?
Show Details13min 52s
January 24th, 2pm - Clarification on Gretna/Westside, Grayson Allen, and NFL Playoffs
Show Details21min 38s
January 21st, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 6s
January 21st, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details18min 36s
January 21st, 2pm - Gretna no longer state champs/Mickey Joseph recruiting Omaha
Show Details21min 59s
January 20th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia
Show Details5min 39s
January 20th, 2:25pm - QB discussion continues/Erick Chinander has a task in front of him
Show Details13min 20s
January 20th, 2pm - What if Logan Smothers is the starter?
Show Details18min 13s
January 19th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia/QB Transfer Portal
Show Details6min 38s
January 19th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 25s
January 19th, 2pm - Minor League Baseball/Husker RB Recruiting
Show Details22min 58s
January 18th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Finishing up the scholarship distribution chart
Show Details8min 26s
January 18th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 50s
January 18th, 2pm - Husker Football Scholarship Distribution Numbers
Show Details19min 36s
January 17th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details7min 22s
January 17th, 2:25pm - Continuation of Big Picture Nebrasketball
Show Details11min 48s
January 17th, 2pm - Husker Men's Basketball is struggling...let's have a big picture conversation
Show Details20min 12s
January 14th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia, Beatrice Bakery, Have a good Weekend!
Show Details3min 52s
January 14th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details17min 5s
January 14th, 2pm - Husker Hoops: Both Men's and Women's!
Show Details22min 29s
January 13th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Wordle
Show Details8min 39s
January 13th, 2:25pm - NFL Jobs
Show Details15min 6s
January 13th, 2pm - Huskers have their RB Coach
Show Details18min 57s
January 12th: 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details4min 44s
January 12th: 2:25pm - Husker Football's Schedule is Finalized
Show Details15min 27s
January 12th: 2pm - Husker Hoops Thoughts
Show Details22min 29s
January 11th: 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details7min 21s
January 11th: 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 34s
January 11th: 2pm - Deep dive into Nebraska's OL
Show Details21min 26s
January 10th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Huskers WBB
Show Details7min 59s
January 10th, 2:25pm - NIL Thoughts
Show Details15min 34s
January 10th, 2pm - Weekend Recap/Huskers QB situation
Show Details20min 20s
January 7th, 2:25pm - Casey Thompson is N
Show Details5min 58s
January 7th, 2:45pm - Antonio Brown almost mooned everyone!!
Show Details11min 5s
January 7th, 2pm - NBA corner
Show Details27min 26s
January 6th, 2:45pm - Wan'Dale Robinson is heading to the draft!
Show Details9min
January 6th, 2:25pm - Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 19s
January 6th, 2pm - Nick is solo today. We talk QBs, RBs, and Excuses!
Show Details25min 52s
January 5th, 2:45pm - Bulls are #1
Show Details7min 55s
January 5th, 2:25pm - Matt Coatney (Huskers WBB Play-by-Play)
Show Details12min 22s
January 5th, 2pm - What a great atmosphere last night
Show Details22min 1s
January 4th, 2:45pm - Go to the Huskers WBB game.
Show Details6min 29s
January 4th, 2:25pm - Jeff Essink (Farrell's)
Show Details16min 7s
January 4th, 2pm - Caleb Williams to Nebraska!!!
Show Details22min 56s
January 3rd, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details3min 56s
January 3rd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 17s
January 3rd, 2pm - Husker Hoops lose to Ohio State
Show Details24min 32s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2:45pm - Happy New Year
Show Details7min 37s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details10min 43s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2pm - It's been an emotional day, but let's talk Husker Hoops!
Show Details21min 2s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 58s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2:25pm - It's time for the athletes to buy-in
Show Details9min 24s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2pm - We are back talking about QBs
Show Details26min 52s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 12s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3:25pm - Husker Football Expectations
Show Details13min 51s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3pm - Husker Quarterbacks
Show Details25min 19s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2:45pm - Crazy Bowl Names
Show Details9min 29s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2:25pm - Bowl Games Sponsorships
Show Details17min
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2pm - This is the final day of 2-hour shows
Show Details20min 33s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3:45pm - The excuses have to be done next year
Show Details5min 30s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3:25pm - Husker QB problems continue
Show Details16min 31s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3pm - Husker Football Decommits
Show Details22min 4s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2:45pm - Nebraska is not playing in a bowl game!
Show Details13min 3s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 29s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2pm - Christmas Recap!
Show Details19min 50s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3:45pm - Merry Christmas!
Show Details4min 20s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3:25pm - Level of confidence for next season
Show Details22min
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3pm - Husker Special Teams/Coaches
Show Details20min 42s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2:45pm - Special Teams Numbers
Show Details10min 10s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2:25pm - Christmas Movies; part 2
Show Details11min 7s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2pm - Christmas Movies
Show Details23min 49s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 11s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3:25pm - Husker Women's Hoops
Show Details18min 4s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3pm - Troughs at Memorial Stadium
Show Details20min 55s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2:45pm - Upgrades @ Memorial Stadium
Show Details7min 31s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 10s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2pm - Husker Womens Basketball is 12-0
Show Details21min 19s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3:45pm - What have we learned?
Show Details7min 36s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3:25pm - Unintentional Big Foot Discussion
Show Details10min 17s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3pm - The Tip Jar
Show Details26min 39s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2:45pm - Happy Lexi Rodriguez Day!
Show Details4min 51s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details20min 43s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2pm - Steve & Jacob from Nutrizzio's
Show Details21min 27s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3:45pm - Let's Wrap this up
Show Details4min 4s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3:25pm - It's alarming because where does Nebraska turn?
Show Details12min 11s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3pm - Husker hoops
Show Details26min 20s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2:45pm - Fantasy football is stupid
Show Details6min 11s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2pm - Husker Hoops is so disapointing
Show Details26min 7s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2:25pm - Woah, we have so much more time than normal
Show Details13min 41s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2:45pm - NFL is moving a lot of games
Show Details4min 58s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2:25pm - Emily Ehman (Big Ten Network)
Show Details14min 27s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2pm - Husker Volleyball
Show Details20min 34s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 5s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2:25pm - The New Staff is Encouraging
Show Details16min 41s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2pm - Husker Volleyball in the Final Four
Show Details20min 8s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details2min 43s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 2s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2pm - Husker's Signing Day/Trev Alberts has been here for 5 months
Show Details23min 29s
Happy Hour: December 14th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 2s
Happy Hour: December 14th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 50s
Happy Hour: Decembre 14th, 2pm - The Magnitude of finding a Husker QB
Show Details22min 19s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2:45pm - Brian Kelly needs to never dance again
Show Details4min 21s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2:25pm - Thank goodness we have Women's Athletics
Show Details16min 29s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2pm - Husker Basketball woes
Show Details22min 39s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2:45pm - We are OUT! Have a good weekend!
Show Details5min 45s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2:25pm - Brent Wagner (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 6s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2pm - Looking ahead for Huskers Basketball
Show Details21min 45s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2:45pm - Alright, everyone needs to take a breath
Show Details5min 42s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2:25pm - What is Nebraska Football's Goal?
Show Details18min 3s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2pm - Let's talk bigger picture when it comes to Husker Hoops
Show Details22min 11s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2:45pm - New coaches are officially at Nebraska
Show Details6min 24s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details12min 23s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2pm - Just a disheartening performance last night by Nebraska vs Michigan
Show Details22min 54s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2:45pm - Dude, the Bulls are 17-8
Show Details5min 22s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 42s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2pm - Would you take Kirk Ferentz at Nebraska?
Show Details23min 8s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2:45pm - Nebraska receives a new commit
Show Details4min 4s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2:25pm - What kind of role could Nebraska have played in the coaching carousel?
Show Details14min 55s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2pm - CFP Reaction...Should Alabama have jumped Michigan?
Show Details26min 10s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2:45pm - Big Husker Weekend ahead
Show Details5min 55s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2:25pm - Nebraska needs to hire a ST Coach.
Show Details16min 9s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2pm - Get ready for a wild CFP playoff
Show Details23min 3s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2:45pm - Would you take Kirk Ferentz?
Show Details5min 35s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2:25pm - How encouraged are folks for next season?
Show Details17min 36s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2pm - Adrian Martinez has entered the portal
Show Details21min 27s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2:45pm - Big night ahead for Huskers WBB and MBB
Show Details4min 49s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 23s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2pm - At some point, Nebraska's football program needs stability
Show Details29min 44s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts/MLB Corner
Show Details8min 23s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 49s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2pm - Coaching Carousel/Huskers Offense
Show Details19min 21s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details5min 1s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2:25pm - Logan Smothers performance
Show Details16min 23s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2pm - Chris Plank (Sooners Radio Network)
Show Details20min 41s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2:45pm - Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Talk to you on Monday!
Show Details4min 30s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 55s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2pm - Is this Nebraska's best chance to beat Iowa under Scott Frost?
Show Details25min 48s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details7min 56s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 22s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2pm - The whole narrative around Adrian Martinez has changed
Show Details21min 2s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2:45pm - Taysom Hill got paid...for doing nothing
Show Details3min 27s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2:25pm - Justine Wong-Orantes (Team USA Volleyball, Former Husker)
Show Details16min 3s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2pm - No Adrian Martinez/Coaching Carousel Update
Show Details26min 51s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2:45pm - Giving away smiles
Show Details3min 24s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2:25pm - Mike Hogan (Badger247)
Show Details17min 14s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2pm - What are the concerns heading into Saturday
Show Details25min 41s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2:45pm - Nebraska Baseball Schedule
Show Details3min 5s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2:25pm - Hidden Yardage continues to kill Nebraska.
Show Details21min 12s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2pm - It's time to start paying attention to Husker WBB.
Show Details25min 41s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2:45pm - Mel Tucker is about to get paid
Show Details7min 26s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 35s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2pm - Thoughts from Nebraska's loss to Creighton
Show Details25min 20s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2:45pm - Wrapping things up
Show Details9min 7s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 30s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2pm - What are the metrics? Nobody knows.
Show Details22min 10s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2:45pm - NBA Corner
Show Details3min 37s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2:25pm - Sevion Morrison enters the Transfer Portal
Show Details9min 44s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2pm - Nebraska Red Zone/Total Offense Statistics
Show Details27min 18s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2:45pm - NBA Corner
Show Details5min 27s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (LJS Prep Extra)
Show Details13min 53s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2pm - Nick made a crucial mistake...
Show Details20min 4s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2:45pm - OBJ to the Rams
Show Details5min 48s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2:30pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details18min 1s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2pm - JoJo Domann is done at Nebraska
Show Details23min 20s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts on Nebraska Football
Show Details7min 13s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2:25pm - Jacob Bigelow (Prep Hoops Nebraska)
Show Details10min 35s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2pm - Husker Basketball Reaction/Thoughts from Scott Frost's presser
Show Details27min 48s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2:45pm - Stop using excuses regarding the previous coaches
Show Details6min 28s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2:25pm - Scott Frost has an chance to improve the people around him
Show Details16min 42s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2pm - The final two games are still important
Show Details21min 35s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2:45pm - There are things this staff can control
Show Details7min 55s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2:25pm - Scott Frost is retained
Show Details16min 5s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2pm - BREAKING NEWS! Scott Frost is returning for 2022.
Show Details22min 55s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2:45pm - 2017-2018 Coaching Carousel Update
Show Details3min 47s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2:25pm - Nebraska Football gets ready for Ohio State. Will the conversation change after Saturday?
Show Details20min 29s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2pm - Anime Discussion
Show Details20min 39s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2:45pm - Wrapping up Thursday's Show
Show Details5min 7s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2:25pm - Steve Helwagen (Bucknuts.com - Ohio State 247Sports)
Show Details16min 36s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2pm -Stickers and Standards at Ohio State
Show Details25min 34s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2:45pm - Talent Gap between Nebraska/Ohio State
Show Details4min 19s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 13s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2pm - What happens if the stadium clears out by halftime?
Show Details27min 14s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2:45pm - Husker Quarterback Discussion
Show Details6min 18s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2:25pm - Nick Maestas (Muchachos)
Show Details14min 12s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2pm - Nebraska hasn't been able to beat the mediocre teams
Show Details21min 31s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2:45pm – Text Line Reaction
Show Details3min 54s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2:25pm – Husker fans need to stop settling
Show Details18min 17s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2pm – Recap of Nebraska's loss to Purdue
Show Details24min 28s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2:45pm - Prediction Time
Show Details6min 5s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2:25pm - Husker fans can't keep looking at the next schedule and say "8-wins."
Show Details19min 18s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2pm - We've avoided it, but it's finally time that we dive into some hot seat talk
Show Details22min 34s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2:45pm – World Series Game 1
Show Details5min 30s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2:25pm – Bob Ludwig (Peru State Men’s Basketball Head Coach)
Show Details11min 47s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2pm – Husker Baseball Expectations
Show Details22min 43s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2:45pm – Wrapping up Monday’s Show
Show Details4min 29s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2:25pm – Husker Sound Bites from Monday’s Press Conference
Show Details11min 46s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2pm – The Bulls are 3-0/Texas Tech fires their head coach
Show Details23min 57s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2:45pm – Wrapping up the week
Show Details3min 47s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2:25pm – Hoiberg understands that he doesn’t have all the answers…and that’s okay!
Show Details14min 23s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2pm – Time to get excited about Nebraska Basketball
Show Details25min 11s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2:45pm – Thursday Night Football Preview
Show Details4min 36s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2:25pm – Nebraska Volleyball is on fire/2009 Blackshirts
Show Details17min 11s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2pm – NBA started last night & the Dodgers could be eliminated tonight
Show Details23min 54s
Happy Hour: October 20th, 2:45pm – NBA Opening Day and MLB Umpires
Show Details4min 57s
Happy Hour: October 20th, 2:25pm – Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
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