193. Year End - @analogtalkpodcast

Season 6 | Episode 193
45m | Dec 27, 2023

In this episode, Chris and Timothy do a year-end wrap-up and discuss their photo highlights and goals for the year. They talk about the new film releases and cameras they are excited about, as well as the growth of the film photography community. They also share their career highlights and personal growth in the industry. The hosts discuss the importance of setting goals and being proud of their accomplishments. They talk about archiving their work, slimming down their camera collections, and focusing on personal projects. They express their love for the podcast and their plans for the future, including expanding their photography skills and shooting more portraits. Chris shares his goal of joining the union and expanding his career opportunities. They also discuss the importance of creative shoots and personal work. The hosts express their commitment to the podcast and their plans to be more consistent in the coming year. In this episode, Timothy and Chris reflect on their journey with Analog Talk, a passion project that has grown into a beloved photography podcast. They discuss how they met and started the show, their plans for the future, and the possibility of creating a zine together. They also share their desert island cameras and white whale photography items. The hosts express their gratitude to their guests and listeners and bid farewell for the year.

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