195. Nick Collingwood - @nickcollingwoodvintage

Season 8 | Episode 195
1h 28m | Mar 20, 2024

In this episode, Nick Collingwood discusses his journey into film photography and his passion for Polaroid and Super 8. He shares how he discovered film photography in college and how he started experimenting with different cameras and formats. 

Nick shares his experience balancing his career in motion design with his passion for film photography and his foray into wedding photography on Super 8. 

The conversation concludes with the unexpected gift of a Graflex SLR camera. In this part of the conversation, Nick discusses how he modified his Graflex camera to shoot different film formats, including Polaroid and peel-apart film. He explains the convenience of shooting with the modified camera and how it allows him to shoot large format handheld. Nick also shares his experiences shooting with the Graflex camera on location.

He shares his insights on sourcing peel-apart films and the challenges of finding affordable options.

We had a blast chatting with Nick! 

Make sure to check out Nicks work below:

Thanks Nick for hanging out!

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