196. Christopher Sturm - @cmsturm

Season 5 | Episode 196
1h 7m | Apr 17, 2024

In this conversation, Christopher Sturm discusses his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as his future plans to open a film lab with Jason Lee in Los Angeles. The film photography community has shown overwhelming support for Christopher, and he expresses gratitude for their love and generosity. He shares his optimism about his prognosis and the options for treatment. 

Christopher also talks about his background in photography and his passion for film. He discusses the process of sourcing film equipment and the supportive film community. He mentions the availability of used machines, the option of service contracts, and the network of people who are knowledgeable and willing to help.

He also talks about the vision for the shop and lab, where customers can buy cameras, film, and get their scans done. He emphasizes the importance of creating a positive and inviting space for local photographers.

Christopher plans to incorporate his channel into documenting the journey of building the lab and creating educational and positive content. 

He wants to find the humor and humanity in his cancer journey and use his creativity to make something impactful.

Christopher reflects on his motivation to live a fulfilling life despite his illness. He discusses the importance of turning sadness into something productive and leaving behind a positive legacy. 

He also shares his favorite camera, the Fuji X-Pro2, and expresses his desire to try shooting with an 8x10 camera in the future. 

We had such a great time having you back on the show! We're routing for you friend! <3

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