197. James Hamilton - @uncroppedfilm

Season 4 | Episode 197
1h 4m | May 8, 2024

James Hamilton, a photographer and former staff photographer for The Village Voice, shares his journey into photography and his experiences in the industry. He started as an assistant to a fashion photographer and learned on the job. He fell in love with street photography and decided to pursue a career in photography. 

He hitchhiked across the country, taking pictures along the way, and eventually landed a job as a staff photographer for Crawdaddy. He later worked for The Village Voice in New York City. James preferred black and white photography and had his own darkroom. 

He emphasized the importance of having trust and freedom from his editors. In this part of the conversation, James Hamilton discusses his experiences working as a photographer and the relationships he formed with editors and writers. He talks about the trust he gained from his colleagues, which allowed him to have creative freedom in choosing the photos he wanted to use. He also mentions the benefits of having staff positions, such as health benefits and job security. James shares stories of photographing famous individuals like Alfred Hitchcock and working on film sets with Wes Anderson. 

He talks about his approach to photography and the importance of composition and capturing the moment. 

James also mentions his ongoing project of digitizing his extensive collection of photographs.

James also reflects on the decline of print media and the changes he witnessed during his career as a photojournalist. He shares stories of some of the wildest things he has captured on camera, including a bus tour of has-been performers and a Teamsters Convention. 

James concludes by discussing his favorite cameras.

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