Flipboard EDU Podcast

On this podcast, we will feature Flipboard Magazines to unite all components of Digital Learning focusing on student communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. We will explore how the use of Flipboard in education enhances instruction and promotes beautifully crafted magazines that support 21st Century learning. Content is generated by the community not the company.


Episode 23: Creativity with Fred Benitez and Claudio Zavala Jr.
Show Details25min 17s
Episode 22: Using Video in the Classroom with Monica Nahas
Show Details17min 50s
Episode 21: Leaving the Classroom with Patience Edwards
Show Details21min 7s
Episode 20: Mining for Gifts with Elissa Frazier
Show Details27min 55s
Episode 19: Science with Tom
Show Details26min 40s
Episode 18: Microsoft Teams For Education
Show Details21min 39s
Episode 17: Student Podcasting with Flipboard and Soundtrap
Show Details13min 54s
Episode 16: Teaching and Learning with Flipboard
Show Details22min 24s
Episode 15: Going Back To School During COVID-19
Show Details31min 48s
Episode 14: Hip Hop in Education
Show Details27min 18s
Episode 13: Is Equity Real?
Show Details30min 31s
Episode 12: Dr. Sarah Thomas and EduMatch Impact
Show Details24min 23s
Episode 11: Teaching History With TikTok Videos
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 10: Racism in the American Educational System
Show Details29min 28s
Episode 9: Considerations for Emotional Success with Shelly Terrell
Show Details16min 24s
Episode 8: Social-Emotional Learning with Shelly Terrell
Show Details12min 30s
Episode 7: The Flipboard EDU Community
Show Details20min 3s
Episode 6: School Culture and Innovation in COVID-19 with George Couros
Show Details24min 15s
Episode 5: Innovating Inside the Box and Building Relationships with George Couros
Show Details15min 4s
Episode 4: Start Simple and 'App Smash' with Flipboard
Show Details15min
Episode #3: Professional Development and Flipboard Fridays
Show Details14min 38s
Episode 2: Unlocking The Eight Core Competencies to Support Online Learning
Show Details14min 33s
Episode #1: Introduction to 21st Century Teaching Skills and the Flipboard EDU Podcast
Show Details14min 55s