71: The ungroundedness and homesickness of overseas Singaporeans | Christopher Ng, blogger of Christopher’s Asian Delicacies

1h 3m | Feb 19, 2022

Christopher Ng: “It is heartwrenching every time I go back to Singapore, because I see the difference. And it is a significant marked difference every year. I try to go to the places that are familiar to me, but even those places are changing rapidly although certain places are still familiar, I wonder how long they are going to last.”


Christopher Ng, the blogger behind Christopher’s Asian Delicacies, shares about his relationship with food growing up, plus: *Lakeview market* *The ungroundedness as an overseas Singaporean* *Kueh lapis* *Agak-agak approach* *The demise of home-baking and kueh-making in Singapore* *COVID’s role in preserving Singapore food culture* *Perceptions of Singaporean food culture* *Mastery in the kitchen* *The way the older generation instruct* *Food as love* *Singapore’s diverse food culture and crossovers* *Hae bee hiam*


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